Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Our story starts when some agent from the IMF gets killed by some assassin chick. Ethan Hunt is in a Russian prison for killing some Serbians in a retribution for killing his wife. The IMF rescues Ethan from prison in order that he would help them to complete the mission they failed to complete in the first scene of the movie. Ethan and the gang discover that the simple mission where the IMF agent got killed (i don't even know the character’s name, i only know that it’s the guy from "Lost") was retrieving the codes to the Russian nukes. Anyway Ethan and the gang accept a mission that requires the IMF gang to break into the Kremlin !!! and steal some more codes (don't really remember why). In the Kremlin Ethan catches for a glimpse of a second the villain, this time it’s a psycho Swede. The Swede sabotages Ethan's mission and as of a result ... blows up the Kremlin (i would say that's too much but let’s roll with it).
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Ethan gets injured from the blast and ends up in a Russian hospital, he escapes the hospitals making the Russian agent that guarded him look like fool, and joins with the rest of his team. Ethan meets the secretary of defense that informs him that Kremlin blowing up incident is a very big deal the IMF is disassembled and that Ethan and his team now declared as terrorists. They have two choices to run or clear their names by catching the responsible aka the Swede. No surprises here our hero chooses to catch the Swede and a moment later the secretary of defense get shot in a head. The car falls into the river and bunch of Russians start to shoot all over the place. Ethan and Hawk-eye (i don't remember the character’s name and I’m too lazy to check --> so i will call him Hawk-eye) escape and the gang regroups once again in their final safe house where they prepare to leave for Dubai. Apparently Dubai is the place where the Swede and the assassin chick (from the first scene) are going to meet to trade the nuke codes for the diamonds. One of the better scenes was when the IMF team posed as the villains simultaneously and negotiated the deal (in this case both deals). It was obvious that the villains will figure it out at the end and a fight broke between the chicks (the assassin chick and the hot chick) and Ethan was chasing the Swede. After Ethan lost the Swede the gang went to India for the last chance to catch the Swede (those guys just fail every time) and stop a nuclear war. For me the entire point for the trip to India was 2 showcases how HOT the hot chick from the IMF team was, and she was mighty hot. Everything that was connected to the scenes in India was a blur for me or i just didn't care enough, come on how many times can you chase something, fail every time and receive another chance time after time again. The final fight between Swede # 2 (aka Swede's sidekick Swede) was a complete cluster-fuck, The final fight / chase between Ethan and the main Swede was just too long, badly done and the ending with the Swede was completely ridiculously disappointing. At the end like in every Hollywood movie we have a predictable and very disappointing ending (at least for me) Ethan's wife is alive (bummer) she is walking down the street with some fat guy, she spots Ethan, smiles and walks away.

The good stuff

  1. Infiltrating the Kremlin and blowing it up in mission impossible ghost protocol was fun and i didn't see it coming, it made me smile a little. Not because i want the Kremlin blown up in real life but because it was too much. The Kremlin is huge, in order to blow up the Kremlin u need a couple of trucks with explosives. Here the Swede did all that by himself (a one man's wrecking crew :-) ).
  2. The interaction of the funny guy with Ethan and the funny guy with Hawk-eye was fun to watch and was entertaining enough.
  3.  The hot chick - enough said.

The bad stuff

  1. The fight scenes where ... disappointing, felt like something was missing. Don't know what exactly but it didn't felt right, like not fun enough. The last fight scene between Ethan and the Swede was exhausting it was to long. It was completely detached from reality, there is an amount of hits people can take. What was here was inhuman and unreal. If a dude falls from a really high place on his back he DIES. Even the fight scene between the chicks in Dubai was ... not good, this was kind of short, to short. I didn't think a fight scene between two hot chicks (OK 1.5 the blond one was semi hot) can be bad but this one was.
  2. Hawk-eye - His entire purpose in the movie was to create a flashback background story that connects him and Ethan in their past. That would have been great if they shown a visual flashbacks, but they didn't so ... i didn't care enough about what happened to Ethan's wife, Ethan and Hawk-eye in Serbia, so the entire Hawk-eye angle/purpose was pointless at least for me. Its like he was a part of the team but there was no place for him there. The team consisted of the funny computers guy, the hot chick and the super agent guy (Ethan). There was no place for another super agent guy in the team. He felt like a fifth wheel.
  3. The main villain didn't speak much. Its like they decided he doesn't speak English well so lets cut his lines so he wouldn't sound funny. That's just stupid when your head villain character has such a small amount of lines in the movie, It hurts the entire movie. The villain's character doesn't develop and his presence has no purpose but to be slain by the good guys.
  4. Tom Cruse should stop running. It looks funny.

Mission impossible Summery

Over all the movie was OK. It wasn't a masterpiece but i didn't suffer too much. I didn't like the previous installments (Movies). I tolerated the first one and i survived this one the rest of them were just bad. Overall the movies are a major disappointment compared to the TV series from the late 80's. Maybe it was because i was a kid when i watched the TV series (lets admit the facts - kids are stupid). I guess i liked the stealth execution of every mission. We didn't have that in the movies. We had attempts to achieve the stealth execution of missions in the movies but it failed every time and turned into a major mess --> so in this case the attempt to the stealth execution of a mission was pointless.

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