Lockout Review- Guy Pearce Can be Funny

Lockout 2012

In this post I'm going to review Lockout.
Basically the first time i heard about this movie was when i was watching trailers on YouTube.
The smart-ass cynical jokes of Guy Pearce made me smile and it was one of the main reasons i decided to see this one.

Our story begins in a not too distant future with Guy Pearce who is trying to obtain a certain piece of evidence (in this case a briefcase) that half of the secret service is after it as well. After a nice shootout and even better car/bike chase, our hero is framed for killing one of the agents. Before the cops got to him he managed to slip the briefcase to his partner.

The cops are trying to interrogate Guy by beating him up a bit, but Guy keeps spiting these sarcastic jokes every time he gets punched. This was priceless. Anyway after the beat down ... sorry "interrogation" ended Guy was sentenced to ... sleep in space ... lol. Apparently there is a new system of prisons in the future. The prisons are located in space and they put the prisoners a sleep. In one of those prisons a delegation of human rights came to see for themselves how are the prisoners are taken care of and whether they get a brain damage while they are a sleep for so long (surprise surprise ... the prisoners do get retarded from the process).
The leader of the human rights delegation is non-other than a president's daughter. And when a nutcase prisoner manages to steal a gun, escape the negotiation chamber and release all the prisoners all by himself it makes you wonder how a retard can do all that. The prisoners take over the flying nuthouse and take the staff and the human rights delegation hostage. Guy is offered to go into space for a suicide rescue mission to save the president's daughter in exchange for his freedom, after 10 second Guy agrees to save the chick. From here on it was a cat and mouse chase between Guy, the president's daughter and the crazy criminals in between there were bunch of sarcastic jokes (president's daughter: "what did my father say to you" Guy: "your adopted" trololol :)) a few explosions a couple of fights and one nasty hair remake for the president's daughter (lol she looked completely ridicules with that black wig and later on with even more ridicules blond wig).

The good stuff

  1. Guy Pearce - Like i mentioned before Guy Pearce made this movie hilarious and fun. His interaction with the interrogator and the guy who beat him up all the time was hilarious. His interaction with Maggie (the president's daughter) was excellent as well, every time Guy made one of his jokes on Maggie's expense she was in shock, she didn't know what to do, say or how to respond - fun stuff.
  2. The action was OK. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The bad stuff

  1. The plot was horrible, well not horrible I'm exaggerating but it was bad. The first scene where the old agent guy gets killed and the cops chase Guy Pearce was not very memorable. I didn't get what was the fuss all about, and when the chase started i didn't care about the dead agent, the briefcase none of it. I focused on enjoying the chase itself. 
  2. The crazy Scottish prisoner - I didn't understand a single word this guy said in the entire movie. I will give them credit on making this guy crazy/scary as hell. He probably didn't have nothing important to say but i would of liked to at least try and understand what the f**k he was talking about.
  3. Even at the end when Meggie figures out what Mace tried to tell her. She retrieves the briefcase and Guy finds the Mole in the secret service. I as a viewer didn't get what was all the fuss about (like i said at the beginning of the review). The end was very week on my opinion.

Lockout Summery

The main idea of the movie itself is pretty cool but the plot and the execution ... well that was not so great.
When i decided to watch the movie i had minimal expectations. I wanted to see a couple of nice action scenes and laugh from a few jokes that i saw in the trailer. At the end i got what i was expecting for, i didn't expect it to be a major masterpiece like Gladiator or T2. After a year I probably wouldn't remember anything from the movie and that's OK because i treated it as an easy 90 minutes that made me laugh.

Lockout DVD link

Lockout (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray]

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