Hunted Review

Hunted Review

Hunted Season 1

I encountered this show surfing the net looking for something interesting to watch. All my regular shows that I watch are running out and I don't have anything new to fill the time while I’m taking the long and very boring train ride to work. I noticed that Melissa George (some of you should remember her from Alias) is in the lead role in Hunted so I decided to give Hunted a chance but only after I started watching I found out that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (you may remember him from Oz, Lost ...) and Stephen Dillane (aka Stannis Baratheon from the 2nd season of Game of Thrones) are here as well.

 Hunted Trailer

This British spy show is very dark and groom like the Brits always know how to portray.
Hunted focuses on a spy (Sam) and a team of spies that work with her for the private sector. This private sector issue has really caught my eye, it’s something fresh and new I didn't see before. In all the other spy TV shows that were made in the last couple of years the agents always worked for the government, here in Hunted we see something completely different. There is a very strong corporations presence in Hunted and the corporations / rich people are presented as the source of all evil (that’s completely wrong but it sells for the masses so let’s role with it). Most of the main characters are portrayed as humane who struggle the entire time with their actions / decisions and their personnel problems but that doesn't stop them (most of them) from continue working for the same corporations who sometimes try and kill the same people who work for them.
As the plot progresses new facts are discovered about the main characters, their past and the motives that drive the villains in the show to do what they do.

Hunted Summary

I wouldn't call Hunted a great show you must see. There are scenes where the plot is never ending but there are not many spots like that in the show. Some of it can be blamed on the excessively long time of every episode (an hour episode is long).
The seasons ending was made to open in my opinion and if you take into consideration that there are still issues that were not resolved, this kind of ending stocks even more issues for the future.
Overall I liked the show. Unfortunately the season ended without giving us answers to most of the important questions that were presented during this season of Hunted.

Plans for the future

At this point I don’t really know whether there will be a second season of Hunted. On one hand BBC (never liked BBC – now they gave me another excuse to continue disliking them) say that they canceled Hunted, on the other hand Cinemax say that there will be another season of Hunted. I guess time will tell and we don’t have anything else to do but wait.
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