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 Dexter Season 7 Review

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Dexter is / was a part of a wave of really good shows that started to run couple of years ago, and it is still around. In the past there were so many great TV shows like: Battlestar Galactica , Lost, Prison Break, 24 .... and so many great others but then suddenly without any warning all those shows ended their run and were removed from my TV screen, most of them just ended and I was left only with Dexter. At that point Dexter was one of the only decent shows that kept me watching TV. I’m really glad that it’s going to be here for one more seasons. I don't know what will I do next year when the final 8 season will end.

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This season Dexter (the 7th season) starts exactly where the last season ended. Season's 6 payoff was when Debra walked on Dexter while Dexter was making the kill (Dexter Stubs Travis).

Debra Morgan
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I have to say that season 6 felt a bit weird. It wasn't as great as I got used to from the previous seasons. It felt like there were too many things going on in the same time while the main plot was a bit weak and not as interesting. With all that said the end of last season just blew me away, I couldn't wait to see how the story will progress between Debra and Dexter this season.

At the beginning of this season Debra tries to cure Dexter from his dark passenger with no success. As the season progresses Debra understands that what Dexter is doing is necessary for the greater good. Dexter shows Debra that there are loop halls in the legal system and he needs to continue doing what he does best - killing criminals. Debra struggles with it at first but eventually she understands that it is necessary and accepts Dexter's dark passenger. Debra even started covering for Dexter, when LaGuerta was sniffing around in order to catch the Bay Harbor Butcher and clear Doakeses name.
Debra's Transformation is complete when in the 8th episode she asks Dexter to kill Hannah McKay for her, Debra doesn't have the evidence for an arrest, and she is frustrated because she can’t prove that Hannah McKay killed Sal Price. Unfortunately for Debra, Hannah McKay is not an easy kill for Dexter, as Dexter struggles with the issue to kill or not to kill Hannah for the entire first half of the season.

One of the main stories this season is that Dexter falls hard for a really hot chick (Hannah McKay) and she is ... you guessed it ... she is a killer. As the season progresses the viewers start to understand that Hannah McKay is Dexter’s soul mate (in some sick romantic way), Dexter himself addresses the issue by remembering all of the flaws his former relationship partners had (Rita's blindness, Lila's attraction to the darkness, Newman's dependence) to highlight how perfect Hannah is (for Dexter).
At first Dexter wants to kill her and he preps everything for it, the plastic, the table ... everything but then when she is lying on the table ready to receive a knife into her hart something happens … Dexter releases her and they do what monkeys do on the discovery channel.

While all that drama is going on with Debra and Hannah, Dexter has to deal with a real adversary this time, a leader of the Russian mob (The Koshka brotherhood - who thought of that stupid name? Koshka translated from Russian is a cat. The Cats brotherhood or The Brotherhood of Cats sounds a bit lame wouldn't you say? ) This Russian mob’s boss hobby is killing people in a variety of different ways and watching them die. Sounds like a real nice fellow isn't he, the Russian mobster is after Dexter because Dexter killed his "boyfriend" in the first episode.

The guy who plays the role of the Russian mob boss is Ray Stevenson you may remember him from HBO's Rome (one of my favorite shows of all time). I can’t complain about the casting here, Stevenson is perfect for this role. That's why he does such a great job. The dynamics between Dexter and Isaac Sirko (Ray Stevenson's character) was great, until they pushed it too much. The writers forced Dexter help Isaac Sirko. It’s a little bit of a stretching the line, despite the fact that Hannah was kidnapped and Dexter had no choice. It felt like the writers made that move just in order that Dexter and Isaac Sirko will have a couple more dialogs, I have to state that the exchanges between Dexter and Isaac Sirko were great. It is only fitting that the end of Isaac Sirko was made to be as it was. When Dexter's season 7 started we were introduced to Isaac Sirko as a really bad dude but as season 7 progressed we were reviled to a different side in Isaak, from being a ruthless killer to more of a human character that his entire world was turned upside down.
I don’t really understand why they killed Isaac Sirko so soon in the season; the alternative villain characters just didn’t work (the Torch). The entire process of finding and killing the arsonist felt rushed and not important. The angle of the arsonist started strong and looked intriguing but towards the end it just flopped, you knew that when they showed Joseph Jansen's face (the arsonist) at the beginning of episode 10 season 7. When they did that you knew this angle is going to end soon especially after they made Joseph Jansen so mysterious and elusive just one episode before.

After Isaac Sirko's death the show got very slow and slightly boring, it was not as intense as in the early episodes. The main story was still Dexter and Hannah while in the background LaGuerta is closing in on Dexter and the fact that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Meanwhile Debra can’t really except that her brother is with Hannah. In order to put Hannah away Debra is trying to connect Hannah to the murders from the past. So far I didn’t touch this “Debra in love with Dexter” issue because it was made to look not very important. Towards the end of Dexter season 6 Debra was thinking this thoughts that she was in love with Dexter but in the current Dexter season the issue gets on the surface only at episode 8 of season 7, right after Debra finds out that Dexter is is getting funky with Hannah. Debra brakes down and tells Dexter what she wanted to tell him the night Dexter killed Travis. The scene was instance but it didn’t had any substantial  follow up, the fact that Debra spilled out what she felt towards Dexter was in the air in the episode that followed but nothing else happened.

Only when Debra crashed her car and we discover that Hannah poisoned her, the "Debra in love with Dexter" issue resurfaced in the back of my mind. Those to chicks are fighting for Dexter and none of them wants to let. After a while Dexter makes the hard choice and decides to give Debra the evidence that will put Hannah in away for good. Short time after that LaGuerta plays her hand and arrests Dexter but the evidence don’t stick because Dexter is one step ahead. LaGuerta doesn’t give up and finds evidence that connect Debra to the church where Travis died, at this point Dexter has no choice and he decides to kill LaGuerta for his and Debra's survival. Like always Debra walks on Dexter when he is about to kill LaGuerta, and after a couple of tense moments Debra takes a shot and kills ... LaGuerta. On the other side of town Hannah escapes custody and she looks pissed.


María LaGuerta
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This was a great season one of the best in my mind. I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching a TV Show. There was this tension throughout the entire season that keeps you on edge all the time and makes you count the seconds for the next episode. Dexter Season 7 was like that for me, an addictive drug of some kind that makes you suffer the entire week until you get fixed with the new episode. When you feel something like that you know that this season of Dexter (or any other TV Show that makes you feel like that) was very good.

The story we witnessed developing between Dexter and Hannah and Dexter and Isaac was unique, intriguing and most of all fresh that made you connect with the characters even more, feel what they feel.

I have to state that I thought that the finale of season 7 will be different than it was presented to us in episode 12. I thought that LaGuerta will find her evidence to put Dexter away what would make Dexter hit the road and go on the run. So the next entire season Miami police department will be on a man hunt (Dexter Hunt) mission that could have been interesting. I thought that towards the end of the season Hannah would die (she just had to die in my mind) everything was just to perfect with her and Dexter. The route that the writers took is interesting as well the Hannah angle will be very thrilling because we don’t really know what she is going to do. The LaGuerta issue is a lot trickier, Debra used her own gun to kill her so whatever that follows will have to be delicately done. LaGuerta’s death will be hard to cover up.

What will I do without my favorite serial killer for the next 6 month it will be hard to recover from this awesome season.
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