Alex Cross Review

 Alex Cross - Review

When I saw Alex Cross trailer I thought to myself, this one looks pretty good. I noticed that Matthew Fox was appearing here with a completely different character and look than what I got used seeing from him. Than I thought why didn't I hear nothing about this Alex Cross movie nowhere before the movie came out? The marketing department did a very good job hyping out this movie when it was released to the public. But then when Alex Cross was released and I got the opportunity to see for what’s Alex Cross is all about, I personally understood why I didn't hear anything about this movie.
The main plot of Alex cross was decent, not bad and not really good. It was somewhere in the middle … OK. If not the plot than what else could kill a movie in such a horrible way for me?
Until Alex Cross I didn't really believe that casting have such a huge role in the film’s success. After watching Alex Cross now I understand how important and crucial of a job casting really is.

This movie had a lot of potential to be a good movie but the cast that was chosen in Alex Cross was horrible to the point that it ruined completely the viewing experience.
Matthew Fox at the 2008 Lost Comic Panel.
Matthew Fox at the 2008 Lost Comic Panel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let’s take the dude that played Alex Cross in the movie. The guy looks like one big chubby teddy bear, not a lead in film of the sort of Alex Cross. His acting performance was emotionless and not because the plot required it (unlike Dredd for example), the guy just wasn't convincing as a human being, every emotional state he tried to portray (angry, desperate, happy ...) just didn't come out right. I got the feeling that the guy just can’t act. The teddy bear attempts to portray those sensitive feelings that he was supposed to for the audience failed every time, because it was impossible for him to do. I can’t understand how a dude like that passed the casting auditions, did they picked the first guy they saw from the street for this role? Because this is the only explanation of how that guy got him-self the lead role in this movie.

Jean Reno
Jean Reno (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another thing I don’t understand is how they convinced Jean Reno to take part in this boredom festival that some people call Alex Cross. I bet they thought to themselves if we take a good actor (Jean Reno) add to the equation this horrible actor that we picked from the street. It’s going to be OK because they will cancel each other, and we will get an average performance in total from the both of them. Sorry to break your bubble guys but that doesn't work like that, and even if it did Jean Reno appeared only in a few scenes while we had to tolerate the huge teddy bear the entire movie.

Matthew Fox played the villain in this film and generally I wouldn't have a problem with that but Matthew Fox looked scary in Alex Cross, i will give him the credit for getting himself in shape and losing a lot of weight for the part. The fact that he needed to shave his head and appearing so thin compared to what we all saw in Lost made me think that Matthew Fox is suffering from cancer, the guy looked like they just pulled him out from chemo treatment. If Matthew Fox's visual appearance wasn't bad enough he had to portray this psycho and intense looks all the time and for some reason that made him walk like a robot.

What pissed me off even more than all the rest screw ups in this movie was the fight scene between the teddy bear and Matthew Fox in the end. In the beginning of the movie we see Matthew Fox disassemble a dude twice his size in a MMA ring but suddenly when he faces the fat and out of shape teddy bear he felt the need to suck at fighting WTF? The teddy bear fought with one hand and still Matthew Fox couldn't take him out? This was horrible, every move that the chubby bear made, exposed how out of shape and bad at this fighting business he was. This was insulting to watch.
Nothing summarizes the lack of belief in the teddy bear than the main poster for the movie. Look how big Matthew Fox's image compared to the teddy bear. One picture is worth a thousand words.

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