Last Resort Review

 Last Resort Review

In this post I want to talk about the Last Resort. The Last Resort is another new show that we were introduced to this season.
When I saw that Shawn Ryan is the creator of this military / thriller I knew that I’m watching this no matter what, after all I’m a huge fan of the shield masterpiece, and I could not let myself miss out on something that could be potentially at the same level. I know that the Last Resort cannot be compared to what the shield was, but it was a nice way to pass the time and watch interesting TV. 

Scott Speedman at the 2000 Toronto Internation...
Scott Speedman at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To tell you the truth I was hooked from the moment i saw Last Resort pilot episode and thought to myself this is pretty good, everything about it was very well done. The plot was something new (a submarine that breaks free from its government control and takes over a tropical island - sounds cool to me). 

Even Scott Speedman didn't manage to ruin this for me as he did his role in the Underworld movies. Surprisingly enough I liked Scott Speedman in the Last Resort. I will give this to Scott he did a very good job in the show and that’s despite the fact that he was so forgettable in most of the projects he took part in (except Felicity but that show sucked). 

The island's visual scenery really reflected the beauties of a tropical island. One look at the scenery of that island and you know you want to be there climbing those mountains and connecting to Mother Nature. Nobody can say one bad word about the great job that the people who shot those scenes in between the dialogs, shootouts and the chases that shaped the Last Resort. 

The issue that was new and refreshing about watching the Last Resort episodes was the fact that the US was not portrayed as it always does in the military genre. The US government was portrayed in a very bad light so was the crew of the submarine it had problems and flaws. The last Resort showed how people act and try to survive in a politically impossible situation. The show portrayed the difficult choices that were given to the lead characters and how those characters had to choose the least bad option in a sensitive situations, that was fascinating to see.

Last Resort’s plot was surprisingly good without too many dull moments, although towards the middle and until the end Last Resort's plot got scattered and went to a lot of different directions without any appropriate built up. It felt that a completely different crew of directors and writers took over the Last Resort and started experimenting with bunch of different angles, in order to see what sticks. I got the feeling that the creators of the show received the notice that the show was canceled, and they felt that they can go wild with the story in the hope that ABC or somebody else will pick up the Last Resort for a second season. I don’t really know what the current status of the show is, but I think that this is the end of the Last Resort. That’s a pity because I really enjoyed watching it, up until they started to experiment with the plot, and even after, it was still enjoyable. 

I don’t know what is wrong with ABC for cancelling the Last Resort. After checking what’s running on ABC the Last Resort was the only decent show from that list (and yea Revenge sucks).
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