Stephen Dorff, What happened to your Career ?

Somewhere down the line Stephen Dorff’s movie career took a real nasty dive into the DVD quicksands. That’s a pity because I liked (and still do like) his performances, even in the low budget movies he does today. 
Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost/La Magra in the ...
Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost/La Magra in the 1998 film Blade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Couple of days ago I got the opportunity to see the latest film Stephen Dorff took part in. It was Officer Down, the movie itself was surprisingly good for a low budget flick. Although the movie was OK it made me think and deep inside, I had this missed opportunity feeling regarding Stephen Dorff's career. It was itching inside ever since I watched Officer Down, Officer Down brought me to the obvious conclusion: Stephen Dorff is too good for this kind of movies.

I personally think that Stephen Dorff had a major part in the success of Blade from 1998. He has a unique talent being this kind of vicious villain, the intensity he can bring to the table is rare. It worked perfectly in Blade but since then Stephen Dorff didn’t do many memorable roles that were similar to Deacon Frost. Its a common problem with actors like Stephen Dorff, they think that if they succeeded to be a great villain the transformation to a hero’s role is not a big deal, unfortunately it always is and that's exactly what happened to Stephen Dorff’s career.

He had a few villain roles that he made lately but that was to late because he managed to bury his career almost beyond saving. Now it’s a lot harder to get out from the deep grave that Stephen Dorff’s career in. I don’t really know what kind of script offers he receives today (after all it’s not up to him), but he should try and take roles that gave him great success in the past. When I say roles that gave him great success I mean the roles of nasty, sick and vicious bad boys that we all loved to hate. And somewhere deep inside we were scared to death from them. 

If you look at Stephen Dorff career no doubt Blade was the peak of it, it was a really cool movie, actually it was the coolest movie Stephen Dorff appeared in. He should watch this movie. See what worked for him there, understand why the audience loved him in Blade, make his conclusions and move on to the future with a better perspective what roles should he take.

That way there is a chance that Stephen Dorff will manage to rebuild something from his dying career, and only good things will happen to him if he will learn from his mistakes and maybe we will see Stephen Dorff appear in cool movies once again.

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