Argo review

 Argo movie review

I’m not the person who usually watches movies that are nominated for bunch of academy awards or winning Oscars like Argo did. I just don't enjoy this sort of movies. A couple of friends of mine recommended me to watch the Argo movie, and so i did.

Prior to watching Argo the thing that got me hooked was: the real events that Argo was based on. Not like most viewers I know a little more about the history and the events that occurred in the Middle East. I was fascinated to see how Hollywood production will showcase the events that happened in Iran during the revolution. No doubt that there were many similarities to the real events that happened 30 years ago. You could see them in the final credits of the movie. Some scenes were constructed according to the footage that was taken from the real events.

The groom feeling that Argo carried throughout the entire movie reflected the horrible experience that American embassy hostages had to endure and the uncomfortable situation that the US government was in.

There were a few things that were added to Argo in order to create an additional suspense like: 
  1. The Location scout at the market.
  2. Tickets that were authorized at the last moment.
  3. The chase of the Revolutionary Guards after the plain.
  4. The call Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) made to CIA going against his orders and taking the responsibility on himself. 
Those fictional events didn't tell the original story but they did their job and created the artificial intensity and thrill the viewers needed to see.

I liked those small jokes Argo had on the expense of Carter, who was the US president at the time (Probably the worst president the US ever had, although Obama gives him a strong fight for the maligned title). The US government ... let me correct myself; Carter was portrayed as an entity that would sacrifice the 6 individuals or the entire 52 hostages just to look as a non aggressive piece seeking wimp. Carter’s weak characteristic that was exposed to the entire world cost the 52 hostages 444 days in captivity. More than that it cost the entire world a fanatic regime that still holds power in Iran to this day.

I'm not a Ben Affleck fan, never was. I always disliked him and his brain damaged sidekick Matt Damon (or is it the other way around?). In this case with Argo I have to give some respect to Affleck, he managed to pull it off and got an Oscar for Argo. 

Overall I enjoyed the thrill Argo provided to its viewers. It's probably the first Oscar winning picture that I enjoyed watching in a long time. There is no doubt that Argo is a cool movie and if you haven't seen it, most likely you will enjoy it, unless you are a soldier in the Revolutionary Guard.

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  1. Hi, I cannot resist commenting although let me make it clear I have never seen this movie, nor would I ever spend $1 on a Ben Affleck movie. I am just going to outline some thoughts with a list:

    #1 Often there is an agenda at work in giving these awards. Factually does Obama deserve to be a Nobel Peace prize winner when he uses drones to bomb people he deems to be terrorists?
    #2 The agenda at work here is the anti-Arab agenda to take down the Middle East.
    #3 You feeling about Afleck is correct. He is a creep that wants to make a billion serving the globalists like Bono.
    #4 Ben Affleck thinks Americans should put up with being groped by the TSA at the airports despite what the Constitution says - the 4th Amendment.
    #5 My gut tells me this movie is not very good, but just an anti-Arab polemic designed to get Americans to support drone attacks and invasion in the Middle East

    Affleck stinks

    1. Anonymous
      Those are your political opinions some will agree with and some will disagree.

  2. It was good, that’s for damn sure, but there also felt like something was missing from the final-product to really take us by storm. Everybody’s fun to watch and the movie has it’s tense moments, but overall, it’s not as exciting when you know the out-come beforehand. Nice review.

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    2. Maybe you right about the fact that something was missing but like you mentioned if the outcome of the events of Argo is known there is little that can be done to surprise the viewers.

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