Guns Girls And Gambling Review

 Guns Girls And Gambling

What can I say about Guns Girls And Gambling ... like all Elvis movies its quality was not much to remember. This movie was strange, it was made to look like a comic’s movie that wanted to be a Tarantino look alike (without any success) that didn't take itself seriously but in a bad and silly way.

I was surprised to see a lot of familiar faces in the Guns Girls And Gambling, especially Gary Oldman. I didn't really understand how did Gary Oldman got mixed up with Guns Girls And Gambling, doing a role of an Elvis impersonator, unfortunately he appeared in a few scenes without making a significant impact. 

The only thing that was tolerable in the Guns Girls And Gambling movie was the constant pop-ups of weird characters with their stereotypical names. There was The Cowboy (Jeff Fahey), The Rancher (Powers Boothe), The girl next door, The college boy … and a few others. There was a phase where I was on neutral, watching the Guns Girls And Gambling just to see what weird stereotype is going to appear next without caring too much about the movie itself.

Throughout the movie there were countless stereotype and Knock Knock jokes (look behind you jokes) which were not very funny 99% of the time. You know that time when a person tells a joke that is not funny at all but you still laugh from the stupidity of the joke itself or the person who tells it. That was the case with the jokes in Guns Girls And Gambling I didn't laugh from the jokes. I laughed at Guns Girls And Gambling movie writers who forced the actors to tell them. It’s not enough that the jokes were bad but they repeated those same bad jokes through the entire movie over and over again.

Now when I think about it, not only the jokes repeated themselves. The entire dialogs were forced and  rephrased constantly. Every event was explained by all the characters (multiple times). It would be tolerable if the characters would have stated their own views or perspectives but they all were stating the obvious time and time again.

The Blond assassin’s (Helena Mattsson) role in the movie was completely redundant. She was there killing dudes for no reason. If you overlook the hot outfit and her uber sexy appearance, this chick is was a maniac. She wasted dudes just for the kicks of it. Don’t get me wrong I melted like every other dude when I saw her on the screen but she didn't had a purpose in the movie. It felt like her purpose was for guys to drool over her.

In Guns Girls And Gambling we see how Christian Slater continues with his suicidal career choices. The guy is on a clear path to nowhere. Who would believe that Christian Slater used to act in movies like: Young Guns 2, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Interview with the Vampire, Broken Arrow. A decade later Christian Slater is still making movies in full force but their quality is the problem.

Guns Girls And Gambling was not a cool movie to watch it was stretched to 90 minutes packed with guns, strange characters and bunch of not funny jokes. If you like these cheesy kind of movies than go ahead but If you ask me don’t bother with it.

Couple of days ago I wrote a post regarding the dying state of Stephen Dorff’s career. Although Christian Slater was a lot more successful than Stephen Dorff their careers are in exactly at the same state. Christian Slater if you are reading this post check out the following link: Stephen Dorff,What happened to your career? I think it can help you a lot as well.

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  1. As you've also read my review you know I can't do anything but agree with your opinion of it.