Here Comes The Boom Review

Here Comes The Boom Review

Here comes the boom movie is one of those comedies that was released to pass the time. Adam Sandler took a successful movie (in this case the Warrior) and turned it into a comedy. 

Kevin James plays the role of a yielding teacher that has constant conflicts with his superiors, this time unreluctantly he finds himself in a situation where he is trying to save a local music class, to do that he decides to fight UFC style in order to get the 48K that may save the class. In between the fights in the cage Kevin James in Here Comes The Boom main curricular activity is to hit on Salma Hayek, without too much success if I may add.

I would lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy this movie. I like MMA and I like easy going comedies, this time Adam Sandler didn’t manage to screw it up. I had fun watching Kevin James being bit up and practically disassembled throughout the entire Here comes the boom movie. I even enjoyed the last fight scene. Never in a million years would I believe that Kevin James can be a part of a good fighting scene in a MMA movie, but he did it. It was fun watching. if you ask me is Here Comes The Boom movie worth your time ? I would say yea it’s a Cool Movie and you will have fun watching it, I know I did.

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