Officer Down Review

Officer Down Review

Every once in a while I choose one of those low budget films that go straight to DVD. I love good movies and great TV Shows, so I have to fill the time watching something when there is nothing to watch. When I see enough star power in a particular straight to DVD movie, I take a chance on it. Actually it doesn't have to have a lot of famous actors, one or two are enough for me. This was the case with Officer Down.

Stephen DORFF (acteur)
Stephen DORFF (acteur) (Photo credit: startinghere71)
When I encountered this Officer Down movie for the first time, I thought that the only big name in the film was Stephen Dorff but as I continued watching I recognized: Walton Goggins from the Shield, James Woods , Dominic Purcell from Prison Break, David Boreanaz from Angel and a few others.

Officer Down main story

Officer Down tells us the story of self abusing (drugs + alcohol) and a corrupt cop that managed to turn his life around to the right track after he got shot. Initially the audience doesn't have all the details of the original back story. We receive those in flashbacks and in very small doses .What leaves the audience intrigued during the entire movie, and that is rare. In most movies of this particular genre the directors can’t manage to hold on the suspense throughout the entire movie. Memento managed to do that and that is the reason it was so great. Brian A Miller managed to achieve that same thrill in Officer Down. Don’t get me wrong. There is no way that Officer Down is in the same caliber as Memento, but it was still an intense movie to see.

At the beginning of the movie we see how Callahan (Stephen Dorff) saves a victim from an aggressor who is a corrupt cop. Throughout the movie I didn't get why this entire scene was there but towards the end I connected the dots that the writers put out there, still I think it shouldn't have been there. As the main plot continued to develop we saw how Callahan deals with his alcohol addiction and how he manages to live his family life, but that was not enough something was still hunting him. Callahan couldn't sleep at night because he didn't know who saved his life that night when he attempted to rob a couple of drug dealers. When a mysterious dude claims that he saved Callahan’s life that night and asks Callahan to take care of the guy that killed his daughter, everything gets complicated and what seemed to be clear at first is not anymore.

Stephen Dorff at the 2008 Toronto Internationa...
Stephen Dorff at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Officer Down Summery

I didn't expect much from Officer Down, after all it’s a low budget film that was released straight to DVD. 90% of those films are bad at best or horrible in the worst case scenario, but not this film. Over all I liked Officer Down and I enjoyed watching it. Officer Down accomplished the task of keeping me interested the entire movie and brought me to the peak of its plot in the exact time. I didn't think i would say that but Officer Down is surprisingly a Cool Movie.

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