Silver Linings Playbook Review

The Silver Linings Playbook Review

I never thought to myself that I’m going to watch this movie.What changed my opinion was a clip from the Golden Globe where Will Ferrell made me smile with the presentation of the nominees for the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. I rediscovered the Silver Linings Playbook.

Overall movies like that don’t really interest me much. I dug a little deeper and discovered that Robert De Niro (no introduction needed) appears in this Silver Linings Playbook as does Jennifer Lawrence (ever since The Hunger Games this girl is on fire) and Bradley Cooper (this guy made a steady and calculated climb to the top, I still remember him from Alias). I always liked those three and eventually i decided to check out The Silver Linings Playbook.

The main plot of the movie focuses on a guy that caught his wife cheating on him, had a mental breakdown, got locked up in mental institution for eight month, was released from the loony house and now is trying to get back with his cheating wife and heal in the process. During the movie we see how Pat deals with his Gambler and over aggressive father, his overprotective mother, his overachieving brother, his Indian psychologist and many other characters.

During a conversation with one of Pat's friends Pat is invited to a dinner where he meets Tiffany who is screwed up as much as he is (some will say she is screwed up even more than - Pat).
What I loved the most in The Silver Linings Playbook was the crazy and tactless dialogs between Pat and … everyone else but mostly between Pat and Tiffany due to a simple reason, when Pat went into crazy mode mumbling all kinds of tactless lines to Tiffany, Tiffany always returned a favor with a crazy line herself. Unlike the conversations Pat had with rest of the characters where they would just answer with logical answer (because they are not crazy).
Unfortunately the craziness didn't last long, it lasted half the movie and that is the part of the movie I enjoyed the most. Whatever followed was a small dosed comical sequence with additional dramatic / romantic scenes.

To summarize my view on The Silver Linings Playbook, I will state that it is a decent movie that was fun at the beginning and lost its uniqueness as the film progressed. Overall I enjoyed the viewing experience, it is a Cool Movie and I recommend it to whoever likes easy going and fun romantic comedies.

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  1. This movie makes one feel happy about onself and the people around you..:) great movie...