The Man With The Iron Fists Review

The Man With The Iron Fists Review

From a first glance Man With The Iron Fists looked promising. It seemed to be detached from a different time. The movie was made in the style of 70's Chinese Kung Fu movies we all liked so much. I didn't really know how to take the Man With The Iron Fists. On one hand it didn't take itself serious and was really fun to watch every time there was a fight scene, the cartography of the fights was good. On the other hand everything else was horrible.

Eli Roth helped writing this waste of time, his signature was noticed in the different ways dudes got sliced in the film. And that was another positive that somehow softened the blow.

RZA presents: The Man with the Iron Fists OST
RZA presents: The Man with the Iron Fists OST (Photo credit: CINIBlog)

 Man With The Iron Fists plot  

Let’s try and understand what was going on in the film. Most of the major events took place in a small village where a local gang lead by the Silver Lion and his sidekick the Bronze Lion manages to steal the emperors gold, overthrow their original leader the Golden Lion and take control of the village. The X-Blade who is Golden Lion's son wants revenge for his father. There is a Blacksmith who gets his hands chopped off by Brass Body (aka Dave Bautista). Jack Knife (Russell Crowe ) is in here as well doing ... actually I didn't really care what’s his purpose was. There is a Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu) who is in the mix as well.

Problems with the Man With The Iron Fists

The Man With The Iron Fists is not a cool movie. There were so many bad things with the Man With The Iron Fists that I had to break it down

Jack Knife

I don’t know how did Russell Crowe agreed to take part in this film. He was probably really drunk when he was reading the script and when he signed the deal he was probably out cold. I would say it’s beneath him but he is here and he looks like he let himself go. The guy looked slightly fleshy; I think he ate Maximus from Gladiator. He had a few nice lines, he used a ridiculously cool knife but Russell Crowe should have passed on this experience and do something better with his time instead.

Brass Body

If Dave Bautista decided to leave the WWE for this, I’m sure that it’s not going to take long for him to return back. I didn't get why does his character has the ability to become Colossus only the golden version or why does he receive orders from the Silver Lion and not the other way around.

Strange Alliances

Why would the Blacksmith save X-Blade's life? And why would Jack Knife save Blacksmith's life? The only thing missing is X-Blade saving Jack Knife's life for no clear reason. I know it was explained in the movie but it was planted in a very unnatural way.

Black widows

Lucy Liu’s gang of Black Widow’s emerged from nowhere, and started fighting with the lions out of the sudden for all the feminists out there. What leaves us thinking that Lady Silk was fooling the Blacksmith that entire time.

The Blacksmith 

This section is devoted to a massive rant on RZA. Before watching the Man With The Iron Fists I never heard of the name RZA (and from now on I hope I never will again). The guy turned from a notorious rapper (like i mentioned before I personally never heard of him but i wasn't supposed to because I don't listen to crap ... sorry rap music) to a writer, director and an actor just like that. I thought they use this fast three in one progress only in p0rn (although the quality of the story fitted p0rn’s quality). The writing and directing was sloppy at best, RZA’s acting performance was stiff and unconvincing. I didn't even know that his character (The Blacksmith) was the lead until I figured out that he is the only guy in the movie that doesn't have a funny name (i marked in bold all the names so you would see what i had to deal with watching this film). In comparison to the rest of the hollow characters, RZA attempted to make The Blacksmith character look normal and slightly mysterious (but actually he looked cold, slow and mostly dull) compared to the nut house that was assembled in the movie. When The Blacksmith finally glued the metal arms I knew that this guy is supposed to be the hero. I initially thought that X-Blade is the main character but he was watered down towards the end, what left us with talentless RZA in the role of the Blacksmith.

The Man With The Iron Fists summary

What initially drawn me to the Man With The Iron Fists was the fact that Quentin Tarantino was associated with it somehow but after a closer look I didn't see a sign of his brilliance in this film. What I did see was a cheap copy from a guy that wanted to be portrayed as super cool gangster (like all rappers) but failed on all aspects and made himself a laughing walking joke instead.

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  1. "The Man With the Iron Fists" is the type of movie that feels like you are always coming in half-way through, even if you watch it from the beginning. As an exercise in genre, this is the highest compliment.