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Cloud Atlas Review - Did you get Cloud Atlas?

I don't know about you guys but after I saw the Cloud Atlas trailer I didn’t really get what is Cloud Atlas about, still I was intrigued to watch Cloud Atlas. After all it looked epically fresh.
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Initially before writing this Cloud Atlas review I was scratching my head what’s there to write about when I didn’t really got what was the cloud atlas movie about. I can honestly say that the amount of information I got from the Cloud Atlas movie is slightly more than what I got after watching the trailer (not much more). Call me stupid but I didn't really get this movie at all, probably because I didn’t read the Cloud Atlas book by David Mitchell. 

I cant even make a Cloud Atlas Summery because there were so many time jumping and same face popping up in different eras that it was impossible to follow. The only thing that connected them was the strange birth mark of a falling star or falling comet. I got the part that humanity is on a clear path of self destruction, and that soul mates will find each other no matter what, most of the times it will end badly for them but they will experience a unique connection that will transfer to love given enough time.

That’s all I got from Cloud Atlas, the rest was just a long list of events that occurred in different times and periods to bunch of different people who all looked the same (let me just add that the Asian make up looked horrible).

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I can’t really evaluate whether Cloud Atlas 2012 is a cool movie or not. It didn't felt to be boring. The entire time I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Cloud Atlas had its moments but it was definitely an exhausting process to fallow all the events. Although I failed in getting Cloud Atlas I didn’t suffer through it. I’m not saying I will watch it again; After all it’s close to 3 hours (172 minutes) of one big mess that 3 different directors made (Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer). I think that whoever read the Cloud Atlas book will have a better base before watching Cloud Atlas the movie than I had. I’m sure who ever read the book and enjoyed it will have a better experience watching Cloud Atlas and will enjoy it more that I did.

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