Californication Season 6 Review - More of the same

 Californication season 6 review

Who can believe that it is already the 6 season of Showtime's Californication. I guess time flies when you are having so much fun. 
In this 6 season of the show, Californication creators don’t bring us anything new that we haven’t seen in the previous seasons. They just keep on pushing the same, on an extreme manor.

This season Hank Moody (David Duchovny) finds himself in a rehab, meets a rock groupie - Faith (Maggie Grace) and starts writing a musical ... you heard me right, but this musical idea is exactly like in the previous seasons is just an excuse for Hank to meet another nut job character. This season it’s a British rocker - Atticus and Atticus's crazy wife (Sarah Wynter). Apparantly Atticus's crazy wife didn't get some for Atticus love for a while, and you guessed it right she wants Hank to do her a favor. Atticus and his wife surprisingly give us a very entertaining performance. Even Maggie Grace manages to give us a surprisingly decent performance (and I'm not a huge fan of her's)

Another nut job character is the men hating virgin Ophelia (Maggie Wheeler). This extreme version of an ultra feminist gives us a few very painful to imagine WTF moments in this 6 season of Californication. 

Other than those 3 everything was the same in Californication season 6. Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) became gay for a little while to secure a big client and appeared in bathroom made adult film. At this point nothing will surprise me regarding Runkle. Karen (Natascha McElhone) kept on being confused with herself regarding Hank and Becca was irrelevant like always. You would expect that Madeleine Martin will improve her acting skills after 6 years of practice but she is still the worst child actress in Hollywood today (although she is not a child anymore). Madeleine Martin just won’t be able to give a decent performance even if it is to save her life, she just doesn't have what it takes to be an actress. On the bright side it seems like after this season we will never see Madeleine Martin on TV again.

There were a few familiar faces this Californication this season like: 
  1. Richard Bates as the gay bartender / Lecture.  
  2. Jorge Garcia as the nicest drug dealer you will ever meet.
  3. Marilyn Manson dropped in, to be himself.  
  4. Eddie Nero took a break from sucking you know what and gave another unforgettable guest performance. 
Those 4 guys spiced up the 12 episodes we saw and gave us a needed change in scenery by interacting with the regular Californication cast.

The thing that Californication does bring to the table every season is those same old Hank Moody quotes, rude sex jokes and the fictional sexual scenarios where Hank Moody nails every skirt he sees. I focused on Hank Moody but it’s not only him, everybody have sex with everybody in the weirdest circumstances possible. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with all those weird ideas. 

Californication is ridiculously funny and can be definitely called a cool TV show. It’s not a coincidence that it finished its 6 season. Not many shows reach that long running span on TV this days.

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