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The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final chapter in the dark knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. This Batman Trilogy started with Batman Begins 2005 and introduced us to the young Bruce Wayne who decides to put the black cape and bring Batman to the world. In The Dark Knight 2008 Batman kept his war with the criminals (Joker). In The Dark Knight Rises we are introduced to a beat Bruce Wayne who can barely walk after too many years under the black cape.

I had The Dark Knight Rises DVD for a while now but I have not seen the movie all that time because I was waiting for the right moment. I was sure that the movie itself was very good like the previous 2 movies in this Batman reboot by Christopher Nolan. I knew that I needed to clear close to 3 hours from my schedule, find the exact time when there won’t be any unnecessary and annoying interruptions (mostly family) and prepare myself mentally for a very long movie. Only when those 3 conditions were held I was ready for The Dark Knight Rises viewing experience.

The opening act of The Dark Knight Rises with Bane was definitely powerful and intriguing at the same time, a bit over the top with the plane but very entertaining. If we are talking about powerful scenes the first appearance of Batman in the movie was powerful and gave me goose bumps. Batman himself didn't do anything out of the ordinary but the buildup was extraordinary. When the lights went out and the fat cop tells the rookie "boy ... you are into a show tonight son" you know it’s special. Another powerful scene was the end scene of The Dark Knight Rises, especially when the two gangs (cops / criminals) clashed.

The plot development was methodical and slow at times. The rise of Bane in Gotham City was calculated and stretched through half of the movie. So were the two rehabilitation processes of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale).


Unexpectedly Bane (Tom Hardy) managed to still the show and became the shining star of The Dark Knight Rises. What caught my eye was the voice and the mocking way Bane talked to everyone. This was so great to give a villain like Bane so much space to maneuver. With Bane there is this constant reminder in my head from the abortion movie Batman & Robin (1997). Bane was made to look there like a huge goof with no personality or a character. In The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan recreated Bane to become one of the best villains ever seen on a movie screen
The Batsui of The Dark Knight, worn by Christ...
The Batsuit of The Dark Knight, worn by Christian Bale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bruce Wayne / Batman

You would think that Christian Bale would be the icon of the movie but Bane stole the show from Bale. Christian Bale had a solid performance and he is the best Batman out of all the previous actors that took upon themselves the role of the Bat.
  • Michael Keaton - was good.
  • Val Kilmer - was ok.
  • James Clooney – was horrible, let’s just try and forget about him.

It felt like Bruce Wayne and Batman were not showcased enough. I got the feeling that that Batman was hidden from the viewers large portions of the time. Batman emerged for a few scenes and then disappeared once again.
Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle 

Initially when it was announced that Anne Hathaway is about to take the role of Selina Kyle (better known as Catwoman to the masses but never referred as one) in The Dark Knight Rises, I had my doubts. The truth was that I didn’t think that Anne Hathaway is the right choice for the role. I guess I was wrong, Anne Hathaway managed to recreate Selina Kyle in a new light, as the thief with her own unique code of morals that is in a constant conflict with herself, Batman and all society in general.

Selina Kyle on the Bat bike


Throughout the The Dark Knight Rises Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) encounters the bureaucracy of the system and you can see how bit by bit it eats him inside. The Dark Knight Rises was a build up platform for Blake to become what he really is. And I’m eager to see what will happen next (if there will be another movie).
blake and miranda tate
Blake and Miranda Tate

Miranda Tate

There was so much potential with the Miranda Tate (or to be accurate with her real character's name) you could have gone with so many directions and possibilities with her. Unfortunately her appearance didn’t spark anything exciting even the fact that she managed to seduce Bruce Wayne in sleeping with her was done in an awkward way (I guess in batman's case you only need to get wet in the rain to get laid). The entire movie I couldn't figure out who is this Miranda Tate chick and what is she doing here in The Dark Knight Rises. Only towards the end of the movie everything became clear, unfortunately Miranda Tate didn't make a strong impression on me during the film so the end with her was a total flop.

selina dark knight rises
Selina Kyle

The Dark Knight Rises Summery

Christopher Nolan managed to trick me with the real origins of the child that escaped the pit. I knew most of the characters from the Batman comics. Where they come from and what they believe in but I guess I was swept by the ideas that were planted by Christopher Nolan in the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises and I didn't notice that the connection between Bane and Ra's Al Ghul was initially wrong. Only towards the end of the movie when the truth got out everything was clear again.

It is sad to see the last chapter of this great trilogy come to its end. The Dark Knight Rises is a great finale for the greatest Batman Trilogy done (so far). The Dark Knight Rises gives a needed closure to Bruce Wayne's life story. i do not know if there will be another Batman movie with the currant participants (Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale). i suspect that there wont but if there will be. There are plenty of open clues and issues that were planted for another movie to be made if needed. The Dark Knight Rises is a cool movie and so its entire Trilogy. This Batman Trilogy is the best example of how a comics adaptation should be made.
Bane at the top of the world

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