Jack Reacher Review

Jack Reacher: New age super hero

Jack Reacher
Couple of days ago I stumbled upon Jack Reacher movie. I never read the Jack Reacher books nor did I hear the name Jack Reacher before. I saw Tom Cruise on the cover and decided to go for it.

The opening scene introduces us to a sniper that takes out 5 random people, pins it on some dude (Barr) and that is the moment our ghost Jack Reacher pops out from nowhere. Apparently Jack Reacher is a brilliant army investigator who disappeared a couple of years ago, he got sick of ... everything and everyone. Jack Reacher is a loner, weapons expert, fighting specialist and pretty much a perfect male character that every girl dreams about. Jack Reacher reappears only if he is needed to solve major crimes or hunt down the dangerous killers. In this case he comes back for Barr because he promised Barr before, that if Barr will slip and kill anyone like he did in the army Jack Reacher won’t be nice this time. Barr's attorney Helen (Rosamund Pike) convinces Jack Reacher to look at the case and help her save her client from the death row.

The Jack Reacher movie itself was mostly fun with great investigation plot that delivered a balanced mystery thriller. Jack Reacher had great exchanges between the sharp and cocky Reacher and everyone else. There were few sexual tension scenes between Reacher and Helen that gave the movie a funny point of view, mostly because the attraction was made to look one sided. If we are on that subject than I will have to state that the director / producers made the beautiful Rosamund Pike show her cleavage nonstop during the film. I don’t mind it much but they should of teased it with one or two scenes not drag it half the movie it just made it look cheap and sleazy.

From how the Jack Reacher movie ended it’s a no brainer that there will be multiple sequels. There is plenty of material for Tom Cruise to generate a successful franchise from Jack Reacher. After all Lee Child had a few novels using the Jack Reacher character. This Jack Reacher flick was a cool movie and I will be waiting for the sequels.

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