Parker review: Jason Statham starts losing it in Parker

 Parker 2013 movie review

Generally when I stumble upon a Jason Statham movie I know what to expect because ... all his movies are the same. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it as a bad thing. Jason Statham found himself this one role of a tough guy criminal with a conscious. Without any ability to compromise on his believes surprisingly it works for him. Jason Statham can probably perform this role while he is asleep after all he had a lot of practice making the same movies over and over again when only the titles of the movies changed. It’s great that he knows what works for him because he knows it’s going to be good or average at the worst case scenario. Jason Statham was making cool action movies since I remember him on TV. So who can blame him for making tons of money for the same movie over and over again. 

Parker started like every other Jason Statham film. It had an intense opener when a team of thieves making their presence felt in a local festival. After shit hits the fan and stuff go wrong Parker (Jason Statham) wants to take off with his cut but Michael Chiklis and the rest of the gang don't really want to let him go with his cut, they were planning to use it for a bigger job. Parker survives the hit on his life and plans to take out everyone that was involved.

What was weird in this Parker film was the split love angle. Parker was in relationship with Claire but their entire relationship was very cloudy. The moment Leslie Rodgers (Jennifer Lopez) appears out on nowhere and falls for Parker instantly I was sure that Claire is going to get the short end of the stick and die. So that Parker would end up with Leslie in the end but that didn’t happened and there is a very occurred moment between Claire and Leslie when Claire took care Parker wounds after he had a nasty encounter with Daniel Bernhardt (I haven't seen Daniel Bernhardt on the big screen for a long time and to tell you the truth time didn't treat him well he looked like a Somali refugee only the white version).

Like I mentioned in the beginning the only thing I really enjoyed in Parker was the opening scene. Everything else that followed was not good. As the movie progressed I expected things to heat up but nothing happened, i waited and waited but Parker kept on being boring without any spark in it. Even the final confrontation between Parker and his former colleagues was made to look short and predictable and not very important. The last fight between Statham and Chiklis was one sided and hurt the final payoff at the end (especially after Daniel Bernhardt practically disassembled Parker couple of scenes before).

In conclusion I have mixed feelings regarding Parker. I like Jason Statham and Michael Chiklis, I even liked Daniel Bernhardt 10-15 years ago but I can’t call Parker a Cool Movie because Parker's final outcome was very poor in Jason Statham standards and that's a shame. If you really want to, I would say go Buy the DVD bellow and watch the movie to pass off some time. Unfortunately after the first scene, the movie progresses very slowly to nowhere, nothing interesting happens and the time stands still.

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