Vikings Season 1 Review : Cold, Wet and mostly Good

Vikings Review: Cold Brutality

History channel finally decided to create something that the mainstream audience can tune to every week and enjoy something that is different than what is generally we get.

Viking Ships at sea : Cool reviews rule
Viking Ships
The Vikings TV Show brings something new to the table. Vikings tells the story of a young local worrier Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his family (wife, son, daughter and brother). The entire village of Vikings exists from the pillaging and plundering of its warriors on the expense of the eastern countries. Which is slightly absurd regarding the fact that the eastern countries are poorer than the Vikings?

Gabriel Byrne plays the role of the corrupt, paranoid, impotent and hungry for power Vikings leader Earl Haraldson. Earl Haraldson will do anything to hold on to what he got. When our young Viking hero finds the way to navigate to the west everything changes. He gathers a small group of warriors and sets his sights on the west. The unguarded treasures that the Vikings find in a small monastery give Ragnar Lothbrok a small perspective to the fortune that the west has to offer. This voyage opens the door to the uneven able conflict between the earl and Ragnar. After exchanging blows during the first half of the season, Ragnar prevails and kills the Earl. Ragnar Lothbrok becomes the new earl a sets his sights on the west once again. During their second voyage The Vikings plunge the English king by showing great initiative tactically, which was strange because The Vikings are a group of barbarian goons but when it comes to fighting they cannot be matched. Ragnar Lothbrok practically robes the English king something that the king will not forget for a long time (good stuff for Vikings season 2).

Until this point in the show I had no complaints about Vikings whether it was the simple plot, brutality, fighting scenes and great feeling it brought with its wet and cold environment of Scandinavia but the last two episodes were very strange and misplaced. The strange human sacrifice ritual (for the Viking Gods) that were emphasized in one of those two episodes slightly shocked me. The last episode was not as good, it was definitely not a season finale material. It contained scenes that were not as exciting and although it left us with a mass cliff hanger, I felt it was very disappointing. At times the show had some similarities to Rome and Game of thrones with its own cold northern uniqueness, and its a definitely a great thing to have. Those two episodes were definitely strange but they didn't ruin the entire Viking experience for me. Vikings is definitely a cool TV show. I have the feeling that its second season will be better than its first.

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