Warm Bodies Review: Zombie crash

R and Julie against the world

Warm bodies was a movie that was recommended to me by a lot of people. I personally had difficulties to figure out how a zombie movie can work as a romantic comedy between a zombie and a human teenager. To my surprise the movie did work and that is why it was recommended by so many people. 

The main hero of this movie is ... R. R is local zombie that lives with his zombie friends in an abandoned airport. R describes his daily routine through his point of view. From R's presentation you can see that Warm Bodies doesn't take itself very seriously, and this is probably the main reason why it does work.

Back to R during his prologue and during of one of his deep conversations with his best zombie friend both come to the same conclusion ... That they are hungry. They gather the troops and hit the road in very slow and funny fashion. Our dead bunch encounters a group of humans who are scavenging for supplies. The zombies kill all the humans except Julie (Teresa Palmer). For some reason our dead zombie hero starts to feel warm feelings towards Julie, to tell you the truth i understand R completely Teresa Palmer can bring people back from the dead with her beauty. what i found really funny about the entire thing was that R really get to know Julie after he started eating her boyfriends brain ... that was so ridiculously funny and he kept eating that brain the entire movie, i guess R stashed bits of it in his pockets.

Anyway after R and the rest of the Zombies start to feel human and come back from the dead. The Zombies patch things up with the humans, the movie gets cheesy and stale like all teenage romantic comedy's tend to be. Still Warm Bodies is definitely a cool movie with a new direction and fresh point of view in the zombie genre.

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