Broken City Review: started good but flopped in the end

Broken City Review: The ridicules end

After a long time of having the DVD of Broken City stashed somewhere i completely forgot about, finally I found the time to check it out. Most of my Broken City movie experience was positive. Mark Wahlberg had his average performance portraying a former cop with alcohol problems.The movie starts with Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) being trialed for killing some criminal. Right after that we jump 7 years into the future to check up on Billy who is a private investigator with a hot and simultaneously funny assistant Katy Bradshaw (Alona Tal). Billy is hired by the Mayor of the Broken City (Russell Crowe) to find out who is screwing his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) all this is happening in middle of reelection campaign. Billy finds the dude (Paul Andrews) that is too "friendly" with the Meir's wife and soon after we find Paul Andrews (Kyle Chandler) dead with a bullet in his head in an alley.

Until this point I was really enjoying Broken City but right after Billy finds out that he was tricked into something that was a lot bigger than he imagined it to be. I got really frustrated with the direction Billy decided to go. Suddenly the guy grew a conscious, the dude receives a check for 25000$ and he rips it because he feels that somebody made a number on him and hurt his feelings, this is ridicules. Billy decides that his mission in life from that point forward is taking out the Mayor. why would you go up against the most powerful man in the city, your ego suffered a fatal blow that you go and make a professional and personnel suicide. It’s not like Billy and Paul were friends, those two had one conversation in a train.

It’s just stuff like that make my blood boil. The guy decides to go to prison (a former cop in prison he will have a great time there) just to make a point and screw the Mayoir. What can I say great plan Billy. the funny thing about all that is that the douche bag Billy took out 7 years ago in cold blood was responsible for the rape and murder of the sister of the chika Billy was dating so he did that to impress her but she dumps his dumb ass during her artistic movie (= Er0tic movie) premier after Billy drinks too much and tries to kick some gay actors ass. Now it seems like Billy lost his job (being a cop) and his freedom for ... nothing. Natalie Barrow (Natalie Martinez) dumped him after 7 years, but no worries just before he is taken to serve god knows how long in prison his assistant Katy Bradshaw will be waiting for him. Give me a break this is completely retarded.

I liked how this movie progressed and it was shaping to be a cool movie but you had to kill it towards the end with this stupid hero acts that nobody in his right mind will buy.

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