The Last Stand Review: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back

The last stand review: Arnold's debut

Like you all probably know Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't headline a movie ever since he was elected as the Governor of California a decade ago. Sure he appeared briefly in Stallone's The expendables 1 and 2 but he had a small and not very important part. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns In the last stand as the main star and you know what, nothing has changed in the last 10 years for Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
The plot of the Last Stand was slightly detached from reality. You have a third generation drug cartel who is a professional car race driver that escapes FBI custody and decides to drive to Mexico. Apparently his sports car is faster than the chopper?!?! So flying is not the best possibility. During all this mess the drug cartel / pro driver friends build a bridge for him to cross straight to Mexico. I don’t know about you guys but this sound a bit weak to me. Actually this is one of the weakest plot angles I seen in a while. To top that, the only thing that stands in his way is Ray (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and 3 of his misfit deputies.

if we focus on Arnold's performance, well his acting skills haven't improved during his time in politics. Arnold looked very tired and slow at times .I’m not even talking about the action scenes. I know Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing 70 but if you are going to keep on making action movies I’m not going to go easy on you.

Johnny Knoxville was crazy fun as usual. And the rest of The last stand movie cast were generically boring. With all that said this The last stand movie was not that bad, sure there were bunch of stuff that bothered me but overall it was a cool movie that I enjoyed watching. The reason I enjoyed this wreck train of a movie is because I knew what i am getting in return. With all the bad stuff I said about Arnold's performance in The Last Stand it was slightly worse than his performances a decade ago. On the other hand you probably remember that Arnold was never a great actor but we all loved him and most of his movies. Because Arnold knew his strong sides and he emphasized them, mean while hiding his weaknesses (acting).

Now when I think about it this is the first time we see Arnold in this type of modern day western flick. It wasn't one of the films we will remembered in Arnold Schwarzenegger's portfolio but it wasn't terribly bad. The most important thing that i can take from The last stand is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, sure he is older but still its great to have him back i know that i missed him.

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