Guess who is the Batman in the next Superman Movie?

God help us All: Ben Affleck is the Next Batman

One of the most disturbing things I heard during the last few days is the fact that Ben Affleck is going put the black cape and become one of the most popular comics heroes ... Batman. No doubt this is a major mistake at least in my mind. The guy practically killed off single handedly the entire Daredevil cinematic adaptation, sweared that he will never take upon himself a super hero role, and now after so many speculations and even more candidates Affleck is Batman? 

You think to yourself, he did such a great job barring Daredevil a decade ago so let's give him an even bigger franchise to destroy.
Lee's depiction of DC Comics' Superman and Batman.
Lee's depiction of DC Comics' Superman and Batman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let me remind you that in 1997 somebody thought to himself that George Clooney was a good choice for the Batman role. Need I remind you what happened to the guy who picked Clooney for the Batman and Robin role? Joel Schumacher is still making movies. I personally don’t watch those movies but one thing all his late movies have in common. Their budget is tiny compared to the Batman & Robin budget he ruined 16 years ago. The guy doesn’t go a step near to the Comic’s genre these days. Guess why? Nobody trusts his judgment in that field. 

I ask myself does Zack Snyder and the Warner Bros. producers Greg Silverman and Sue Kroll know what kind of a hall they just dig themselves. I hope they are not going to pay for it with their careers like Joel Schumacher did, I truly do. Snyder does look as a fan of the Comic’s genre it is going to be a shame to lose him.

Now when I think back on all the candidates for the Batman Role: Joe Manganiello, Andrew Lincoln, Stephen Dorff, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Michael Fassbender ... if you take out Gosling out of that list, all of the candidates are a better pick for the role (Gosling and Affleck are somehow the same, when Gosling still has a slight advantage over Affleck) than Affleck is. I guess having the right connections in the right places has its advantages because Affleck is most definitely not the right guy for the job.
The New Batman/Superman Adventures
The New Batman/Superman Adventures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I’m not talking only about the fact that Affleck is a bad actor; no doubt he improved but his entire persona, look, lack of charisma and most importantly the contempt for the genre (hes remark after the Daredevil flop) makes him a persona non grata in the genre of Comics movies. 

Warner Bros. producers and Zack Snyder can keep on convincing themselves that Affleck will make a great Batman. The bottom line remains that prior to Affleck’s choice I was going to watch the Superman - Batman movie, Now I’m somehow conflicted with myself. On one Hand you got the Superman and Batman in one movie - two of the most popular super heroes of all times. On the other hand you got Ben “Freaking” Affleck in it. There is a 50/50 chance of me not watching it just as a sign of protest. I know that I’m not the only one that thinks that way. A lot of people had a negative reaction to Affleck's Batman role, the damage is done no matter how you try to spin it. People put a partition to remove Affleck as Batman and replace him immediately by some one else. 

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  1. Now, some of the tech blogs are saying maybe he'll be alright.

  2. They can keep on saying whatever they want (i hope you dont mean, those guys made their sole purpose in life to push Affleck as the next Batman). The guy is a bad choice no matter how you look at it.