Top 10 Worst TV Shows Ever

Top 10 Worst TV Shows Ever (Paula's List)

There is a new trend emerging in TV show production. Lately, there has been a focus on original ideas and more interesting plots leading to general critical success. Shows like HBO's Game of Thrones and AMC's Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have managed to capture the viewers attention in a new way and have been critically acclaimed for their good writing and great actors' performance. However, we are not here to talk about the crown jewels of the TV industry. In order to be able to better appreciate the good, we are going to explore the lowest depths of the absolute worst. We are talking about shows so bad that you will probably be unable to watch even a single episode without asking yourself questions such as, “What did I just watch?” or “What were they thinking?!” Here is my top ten worst TV shows ever!

#10. Charlie's Angels (2011)

We'll kick off the list with a remake of a classic, if I can call it a remake without people throwing rotten tomatoes at me. This TV series was absolutely abhorring and I am glad ABC canceled it because it was a crime against the Angels. So much potential wasted by bad acting, worse dialogue, terrible setting and ridiculous action.

#9. The Secret Life of an American Teenager (2008)

I do realize that afterschool specials were popular at one point but they weren't good then and they aren't good now. The show doesn't pass by the didactic theme and is therefore filled with tedious dialogue you can't help but question the point of.

#8. The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

Even though they had a severely limited technology at their disposal at the time, the production crew of the show decided to go with it anyway and “what happens, happens”. Well, what happened was a huge middle finger to Marvel, Spider-Man, Stan Lee and the fans with unwelcome changes being made to the plot instead of following the comics, as well as the lack of actual supervillains.

#7. See Dad Run (2012)

After being a TV star for ten years, David Hobbs suddenly has to stay home when his wife decides to return to the big screen. Watching the boring everyday challenges of being a stay-at-home dad isn't all that entertaining. The dull plot aside, the acting somewhere between a late-night TV commercial and Everybody Loves Raymond.

#6. Hannah Montana (2006)

The secret life of a preteen superstar sounds ghastly as a plot basis, but trust me – it's much worse in reality. Oh, and Miley Cyrus is not an actress so I won't talk about her obvious struggling to perform.

#5. Baywatch (1989)

Even though it's a popular TV series with about a bazzilion seasons, Baywatch is still cheap and awfully cheesy. The producers resorting to means like showing attractive people run in slow motion in order to make it more “colorful” but they fail miserably. If that's what you need to make your show work, there is something terribly wrong with it.

#4. The Hills (2006)

As we approach the end of the list, it's getting easier to tell you why a certain show is horrible. When you're basing your TV show on one of the most banal ideas - making it in the big city, you better make it work properly by choosing good actors and writers. The Hill offers none. It's simply painful to watch.

#3. The Vampire Diaries (2009)

It's hard to make something good when you use the word “diary” in the title and when your plot can be summarized with the phrase “love triangle”, you know you have a terrible TV series on your hands. The dumbed down expositions in the form of a “diaries” certainly doesn't help.

#2. 7th Heaven  (1996)

Following the life of two parents struggling to raise their seven children might seem like a good idea if you're in a need of a slower alternative to a lobotomy. How this dreadful show made it from 1996 to 2007 is beyond me.

#1. Beware the Batman (2013)

This animated TV series might have been higher on the list (or not at all) if it had crippled some other childhood icon, but messing with the Dark Knight gives this show the crown of being the worst thing on TV since the introduction of infomercials! The voice acting is atrocious - not even a sign of Kevin Conroy's masterful interpretation of the Caped Crusader in the iconic Batman: The Animated Series (1992). Not to mention the cheap animation and bad writing. This is worse than the 60s TV series, which says it all.

Author Bio: Paula Sheamus is passionate blogger and TV shows enthusiast. She runs a company for sw8tenancy cleaning but she spends most of her spare time blogging.

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