New Age Action Star: Gerard Butler

In the last few years Gerard Butler managed to solidify himself as a new era action star, with movies like: 300, Olympus has Fallen, Law Abiding Citizen ... and a few more. A new face in the action film scenery emerged and it is very important in my mind. 

Hero, Hero
Hero, Hero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The last few decades were mostly dominated by the old guard of action movie stars (Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Van Damme ...). don’t get me wrong i love all the old school action stars but there will be a time when they will be irrelative (like it already is with some of the older guys like: Seagal, Lundgren, Snipes) and they will have to retire. When that happens we will be glad of having Gerard Butler as a believable action star to take the place that the old guard of action stars will leave behind after their retirement.

During the last few years so many guys tried to fill in the big shoes of the older guard of action stars like: will smith, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jaime Fox... and the list can go on and on. The only thing that all of those guys have in common is that they are ... how I will put it delicately ... they are a bunch of ... SISSY BOYS. They don’t look like mean and scary guys, not in their films and not in their personnel life’s. They don’t even have to look or act scary; the least they can do is behave like men, real men and not the shells of degenerates they actually are. They are just not believable as men, how can they be believable as action stars? How did they intend to replace the classic old school action stars?

I’m not saying that they have to be legitimate bad ass's but on the other hand how do you suppose to sell yourself as an action star when you are a member in ridicules cult, called Mr. Angelina Julie or a soft minded liberal who is constantly trying to undermine the core basis of nationalism in the country were he was raised - that doesn’t help, it’s called hypocrisy.

Law Abiding Citizen (soundtrack)
Law Abiding Citizen (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I will give you a simple example: take the movie Law Abiding Citizen for example. Gerard Butler is the villain who used to be a tech geek while Jaime fox was supposed to be the hero of the movie. For some reason I wanted Butler's character to take out Fox's character and in the end when Fox outsmarted Butler I was upset for Butler and didn’t care much for Fox the entire movie. How do you explain that? Simple Jaime fox (and many others like him) isn’t believable as a hero, so I routed the entire film for the villain - Butler.

Gerard Butler is not associated with the flaws I described above. He has this soft mean streak in him that makes him stand out of the crowd and makes him a credible Action Star.

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  1. I hope that Butler doesn't do any more romantic leads, unless it's with Jennifer Aniston.

  2. i think he cant help, he will keep on doing them