True Blood Season 6 Review: Bloody Eventful Season

True Blood Review

HBO's True Blood season 6 started with a bang. It was one of the most eventful openers I have seen. This season 6 first episode was even too eventful to the point that I had difficulty to follow all the crazy things that were going on. Right after Sookie, Jason, Pam, Eric, Jessica, Tara and Nora escaped from Authorities compound things start to spin out of control.
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English: Logo from the television program True Blood Français : Logo original de la série télévisée True Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Pam gets crazy at Eric for not filling her in (like she always does).
  2. Tara tries to calm her maker by showing her the Eric isn’t that great and she can take his place by forming a lesbian duo with Pam.
  3. Jason and Sookie are fed up with the vampires, and by the way are fed up with each other - Jason mostly (that’s for one episode only).
  4. Jason meets his King fairy great grandfather protector hitchhiking the road back home.
  5. Bill Goes completely kuku and Jessica chooses to be beside her maker.
  6. Luna Garza the shape shifter gets dead in the most boring way possible.
  7. Andy Bellefleur tries to get used to having too many babies.
  8. Alcide Herveaux turns to become pack leader and starts tasting its advantages that come with his new title (he just needs to remember who his # 1 bitch is).
  9. Chris Bauer as Andy in True Blood
    Chris Bauer as Andy in True Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  10. To spice things even more there was some bad ass vampire Warlow that crawled out of somewhere to do some damage.
All that happened in the first episode of the season, it was more of a warning on what’s we have to expect from this new season.
While all the main characters are busy running away from Billet the humans practically declare an open hunting season on the vampires. When all the other races feel the heat and try to protect themselves as well.

Sam Merlotte
Sam Merlotte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Episode 2 featured something that I consider as very amusing. It was the scene featuring Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) and the peace loving groopy Nicole. This entire thing is so Hollywood style that I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire thing. The massacre of Nicole’s posy by the wolves in the next episode was so predictable that I started laughing all over again. The sad thing about that entire deal was that Nicole and her hippie, naive friends knew what they are getting into (like Nicole mentioned in her sad story about her parents / grandparents) and still they went through with it completely ignoring their surroundings and paid the ultimate price for their stupidity.

Rutger Hauer was a fresh new addition to the show. Hauer gave us something unique to focus on this season. Unfortunately just as we got used to King Grandpa he was taken from us. I thought that the fairy king could do a lot more and his character didn’t fulfill its full potential but I understand why we had to say good bye to him so soon, with all the events going on with the regular cast I guess there just wasn’t enough screen time to be spared for old Rutger.

The angle with Ben (the guy that Sookie helped in the first episode) looked like a dead end in the beginning but episode 3 revealed some interesting facts regarding him. As the season progressed he turned to be one of the most important misunderstood and interesting characters we had this season.
Unfortunately his drastic behavior change in the last episode of the season somehow ruined the great buildup he had since the beginning of season 6.

The entire struggle between Alcide and Sam was pointless and therefore boring. The final outcome was predictable and was completely blown out of proportion but the biggest problem with it all was: I just didn't get where the writers are going with this angle. Midway into the season I bet the writers themselves gave up and lost their way of thought. I will admit that Sam Vs. Alcide struggle helped Nicole grow and mature as a character unfortunately I didn't care for Nicole, I wanted her dead the moment I saw her in the first scene. I cared for Sam and for Alcide and nothing interesting happened with them. I think that the writers of the show didn't have anything interesting for them to do so they invented this boring struggle for nothing.
Something interesting regarding Alcide and his pack that I noticed was the sudden change in Rikki Naylor’s (Kelly Overton) behavior. She was so nice and sweet in season 5 but this season seemed like she got Infected with rabies and became a crazy # 1 bitch that even challenged Alcide at a point. I couldn't figure out this sudden, drastic change in her character's behavior.

Now when I covered the pointless angle between Sam and Alcide the same thing can be said about Andy Balfour and how he ended up (one of the dumbest things I saw on TV) although the build up to the climax scene was perfectly done (Arlene should get most of the credit). The cemetery scene was nicely prepared but looked as absorbing way too much time. Only because the writers needed to prepare the compound massacre to be stretched through the entire episode but in order to keep the suspense going for the massacre as long as possible, they used the occasional soft shift to the cemetery scenes to achieve that goal.
Andy suffered the same fate as the shape shifter and the wolf; the writers just didn’t have anything interesting enough to do with him.

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)
Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) (Photo credit: quicheisinsane)
Whatever happened with the rest of the main characters was interesting enough and i don’t have too many campaigns about it.
Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) interaction with Willa was good and his relationship with Nora gave us another interesting glimpse to their unique relationship.
Deborah Ann Woll - True Blood Halloween Costume
Deborah Ann Woll -
True Blood Halloween Costume
(Photo credit: myspaces)
Jessica's (Deborah Ann Woll) reaction to things was slightly drastic and melodramatic to a point that I just wished for her to get over it as soon as possible. I was struggling to see the point behind her sudden relationship with James but overall most of the things that happened with Jessica (fairies, Bill, interaction with most of the characters in Sarah Newlin's compound) were fascinating like always.
Bill (Stephen Moyer) and his new status were mostly hard to understand and most likely to the writers that seemed confused writing the scenes for Bill. Although there were way too many question marks regarding Bill and what he is, Stephen Moyer managed to keep Bill / Billet intriguing and relevant to the main plot, Moyer is probably one of the only reasons this Billet angle didn’t spin completely out of control.
Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is the main ch...
Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is the main character of the series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sookie (Anna Paquin) wasn't the sweet little girl we got used to see in the previous seasons. It felt like she was a lot more intense, angry, and darker than what we saw before, and that's a needed change for the Sookie character.
Jason is one of the only characters in the show that would be fun to watch no matter what the writers do with him. Like in the previous seasons Jason kept on trying to screw everything that moved, was charming and most importantly ridiculously funny most of the time (even when he didn't intend to be). A lot of important people died this season ... Wait actually it was my initial thought that those characters were important, in second glance you will notice that those characters were introduced this season or in the previous season. Those characters were not as crucial for the show but still they seemed to be important.
No doubt that every great TV series manages to develop its lead characters successfully in order to be considered as a great show. Like most HBO original series, True Blood can be easily categorized as great not only in its genre but as one of the best shows on TV today (as it was in the last 6 years, since it first aired on HBO). What makes True Blood truly stand out as one of the greatest TV shows on the small screen is their treatment of their Minor characters. In addition to their main character True Blood writers know exactly how to use their supporting characters. The fact that the current deaths we witnessed this season hurt so much is because the writers of the show managed to develop their supporting cast's characters supremely, and made the viewers of the show care for each one of them. No matter whether they were heroes, villains or just characters that we didn’t had the chance to categorize yet (even the young fairies that had very small impact on the show). The writers managed to make all characters look important regardless the impact of each one of them on the big picture or the main plot of the show. For that they need to be appreciated.
The last episode of the season felt a bit dragged and not in the quality we got used to from True blood. The six month jump somehow hurt the flow of events but the clif hanger from the end of the season delivered and made the viewers want True Blood season 7 to arrive as soon as possible to find out :
What happened to Eric?
Where is Pam?
What is going to happen with the infected Vampires?

Overall this 6th season of True Blood was very fun, hard to follow at times with all the events going on but it was still very enjoyable. True Blood remains as one of the coolest shows on TV and i personally cant wait to see its 7th season.

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  1. I found the season finale quite strange. Agree that the season as a whole was great. Though we all expected Vampire Bill to be more of a monster from the previous season's finale. I don't think the story arcs were as thought out as well as they used to be. I do hope that the writers aren't burning out. Maybe they need to fire them & get new ones.

  2. i agree
    they should have switched places episode 9 with 10.

  3. The series creator left and is under a whole new direction.

  4. I knew they changed the direction of the show compared to the original material but i still like it