Now You See Me Review: Thrill of a Chase

Now You See Me - The Fun Chase

During a generic trailer search I stumbled upon Now You See Me trailer, it caught my eye immediately and I added the movie to my need to watch list of film. The presentation of the four horsemen in the beginning was pretty cool. Each members exposition drawn a draft picture of his / hers strengths and weaknesses and prepared the audience for the magic rollercoaster.

magic tricks with cards
Card Magic Tricks
The main plot was average but the core aspect that was working as a major advantage that made this movie so good was the mysterious thrill in the background. The audience was in a constant chase after the real reason why the 4 horsemen are in this, and who exactly is behind them. 

Initially the audience thought that Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) backing the horsemen than it was Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman ) but after he got punked you would think it was Alma Dray. The final twist and the real magician who created this entire magic trick was a slight overkill. His / Her reason for all of the events was planted in different scenes of the movie was made to look unimportant and I personally didn’t care much for it.

The movie had a lot of cool magician tricks but on the way the creators / writers of the movie couldn’t help themselves and shoved some fairy tale magic stunts, something that in my opinion hurt the credibility of the cool tricks that were performed in Now You See Me.

I didn’t have any problems with Now You See Me cast, most of them gave a convincing performance
Jesse Eisenberg - it was nice seeing him not playing a geek for a change.
Woody Harrelson - was fun as always especially watching him trying to get into Henley Reeves pants and having nice exchanges with Jesse Eisenberg's character.
Dave Franco - had a significantly smaller role in movie than the other horsemen but the younger brother to the Franco family was entertaining in his own way.
Isla Fisher  - didn’t do nothing remarkable except looking quite. She did an OK job as the feminine side of the forth some
Mark Ruffalo - seemed as the only one who was trying too hard. it seemed like he was overacting at times.

The movie is definitely recommended. The thrill of the chase after the main goal will compensate the smaller flaws of the movie. The end will be cheesy like most Hollywood movies are but again if you focus on the positives most likely you will enjoy Now You See Me because after all said and done it is a cool movie.

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