Ray Donovan Season 1 Review: The Antihero's Rebirth

Ray Donovan

I will admit that I was waiting for a show like ray Donovan for years, I just didn’t know it. Ever since The Shield ended I didn’t have a real hero (actually he is more of an Anti-hero) with massive hellish characteristics like Ray Donovan.

The show managed to fill the empty space The Shield left years ago with a new kind of hero / villain, the fact that I’m even comparing Ray Donovan to The Shield has to give you a hint how good Ray Donovan really is.

Everyone can see that our hero is flawed in many aspects. If you are an outside observer you will categorize ray Donovan as a really bad guy because:

  1. He torturer's people,
  2. Drugs people,
  3. Burns houses,
  4. Intimidates most of his surrounding environment,
  5. Breaks hands and fingers, mostly beats people up
  6. Cheats on his wife,
  7. And kills people
Nothing can describe Ray better than the scene in Episode 11 Bucky Fuckn' Dent when Bunchy says about the priest "Sounds like he is in a lot of pain" and Ray goes in a complete nonchalant "Who gives a fuck" - this was a pure bad ass awesome moment.

With all his negative characteristics, beneath the thick layer of all the horrible things we are witnessed Ray do during the first season of the show. He is a very appealing character (from the viewers point of view) because if you look a bit beyond the toughness, roughness and uncompromising persona that doesn’t take shit from nobody. He is obsessive about his family's well being and will protect each member breaking all the rules and lows known to men. I bet you would like to have a guy like that on your side. If you cross him in any way you will regret it for the rest of your life.

One of the interesting aspects of the show is the fact that Ray manages to maneuver so many things in the same time every day.
  1. Deal with jealous wife, suspected gay son and take care of a teenage daughter
  2. Get rid of the father who got out of jail prematurely and is a constant hazard
  3. Take care of two flawed brothers: Terry (Eddie Marsan) who has Parkinson and screwed up even more  Bunchy who was abused by a priest years ago and is still feeling hurt.
  4. Accept a new half black Brother.
  5. Deal with the FBI agent that is trying to take him down
  6. Chaperone his delusional bosses
  7. Deal with an Ashley Rucker who constantly tries to seduce him and deal with her boyfriend.
  8. Get out of trouble a transsexual action star
Whether it’s Ray’s job which blends with his family issues or the other way around. Ray is drowning in all those problems that blend with each other and with time passing by the problems multiply and become one big mess of things. Surprisingly most of the time Ray manages to maneuver through this one huge mess and solve at least half of the problems, what’s fascinating to see is ray solving all the problems generally couple at the same time.

I have to admit the first time I saw Liev Schreiber was in the role of Sabretooth in the wolverine from 2009 he was an interesting choice for the role but he was definitely not the right one. I appreciated the effort he put in Wolverine but he just didn’t have the look of Sabretooth and ever since I underestimated Schreiber for it. The Ray Donovan TV Show has opened my eyes to a completely new side of Schreiber. Liev is one of the reasons Ray Donovan was that good (the writing and the story was flawless as well). I presume that Jon Voight and James Woods agreed to appear in it because they saw the huge potential it had. Even Eddie Marsan managed to impress me in the show playing a serious character for a change; Marsan was even good at it. The question remains why did he tend to take all the goofy roles in the past?

It is only the first season of the show and it managed to create a very positive vibe. We know that Ray Donovan was renewed for season 2 so there is something to wait for because it is one of the coolest shows that are alive and kicking on the small screen.

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