Single Reason Why Most Comics Movies are Bad

Why Many Comics Movies Went Terribly Wrong

The last decade had a lot of comic’s adaptation to the big screen; some were great and some where just plain bad. I will elaborate on the most important reason. How do the studious manage to take a successive written complete package and practically ruin it to the ground.
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The Avengers Movie from 2012

The Mistakes Studious make with Comics Movies

When movies are based on successive books or Comic’s one of the biggest mistakes its cinematic creators tend to make are some stupid changes to the main story. Something that mostly irritates the hard core fans of the Book / Comics just to satisfy the brainless casual fans who will take everything with a golden spoon no questions asked. The problem surfaces when the hard core fans of the genre disappointed from the garbage product that was created for the casual brain dead viewers and they don’t create the buzz needed for the specific movie to attract those same casual viewers that the movie initially was created for. That is the moment the movie flops and lands straight on its face losing the hard core fans and never getting the opportunity to scratch the surface of the casual demographic.

Why Marvel Keeps Making Bad Movies?

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The question that needs to be asked why do the studious make that mistake time and time again? Its simple the studious do not focus on one group that needs to be satisfied with the final product (the hard core Comic’s fans). The studious goal is making money no matter what quality the final product turns out to be. They try to satisfy so many different groups of viewers that they lose themselves in the process and most importantly lose their core fan base of the particular book / Comics fans following. When you try to satisfy so many different groups of people generally everyone gets pissed off at the movie except one group which is unfortunately the largest consumer of Blockbuster movies ... yea you guessed it right the PG - 13 demographic. The studious take the main idea from the Comics dumb it down to the lowest level possible (so that the PG audience will be able to like it) and from there on they try to reach the rest of the movie viewing groups. Most times it doesn’t work but sometimes despite all the dumb crap the studios glue together the final product turns to be watchable but it’s not because the great script, the amazing director or supreme acting, it’s something else completely. 

A Small Light in the End of the Tunnel

Take the Iron man for example if it was not for Robert Downey Jr. the Ironman franchise wouldn’t worth the paper its script was printed on. I will go farther than that, the entire Marvel Universe wouldn’t have been created. I’m talking about: The Avengers, Thor and Captain America. Robert Downey Jr. managed to make Stan Lee and Marvel tons of money and gave them the opportunity to make an endless number of additional bad movies all by himself and despite the bad material that was pushed forward by
Stan Lee and Marvel. Robert Downey Jr. made an empire practically single handedly.
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