The Purge Review: Pain Inflicting Society

The Purge - Home Invasion In A Brutal Society

Prior to viewing The Purge I practically gave up on the thriller  - horror films, I haven't watched a movie from the horror genre for a while, trying to remember the last time I saw a good horror film is a mission impossible in my case.

The Purge managed to take all the violence that exists in our world today remove all restraints for one day only ( police , army, fire fighter and the hospitals)and see what happens.
Like the movie mentioned in the beginning violence is one of the aspects the human kind apparently can’t live without. When you release it for one day only supposedly most members of this alternative society that live in the world with a Purge in it gain from it. The idea behind the Purge is that there are too many people in the world, most of all there are members in the society that act as a burden on it. That’s were the great purge comes into play. While the rich are mostly safe the poor are the pray that is killed off, and the balance remains.

The compassion and liberalism of individuals living in a hard and unforgiving world (at least for one day) is what makes matters even worse. Take the Sandin family for example none of them are violent people and deep inside they don’t support the Purge when on the outside they are all for it. 

As the parents James and Mary manage to suppress their true feeling their children lack that life experience and commit the deadly mistake.
  1. Zoey blinded by love and missing what every clear headed person could see regarding her boyfriends talk with her father on a purge night.
  2. Charlie proved to be an irresponsible child, letting in the Bloody Stranger and practically causing this nightmare to his family.
The final twist with the neighbors coming to the "rescue" of the Sandins was seen a mile away, the hints at the beginning of the film couldn’t be clearer. Overall the most important lesson you should take from the purge is: you need to blend into your society no matter how cruel and screwed up it is. Without blending in you are the odd men out and if you are seen different you are an easy picking for your environment (enemies, colleagues, neighbors ...) to hurt you. James and Mary understood that, unfortunately their children didn’t, the Sandin family paid a deadly price for its children’s weakness and immaturity.

Ethan Hawke plays the lead in the Purge and he does a good job. The last few years Ethan Hawke disappeared into some sort of obscurity with strange movie choices, I hope that the Purge will turn things around for Hawke.

I’m not used seeing Lena Headey play a weak women's role, I guess it just doesn’t fit her. Any way she was the main reason I got the Purge in the first place and she didn’t let me down. At least in the end she did man up, when she beat bloody Mrs. Grace Ferrin.

The purge is a recommended horror flick that I personally enjoyed a lot. It had a fresh and very deep idea that is relevant to our society today. If you are a horror fan you will most definitely like The Purge. If you are not a fan of the genre I still recommend you to check out this cool movie, it has top notch actors and who knows at the end of the day maybe you will like it after all.

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