After Earth Review: Smith Family Failure

After Earth - Jaden is Definitely not Will 

After earth is a futuristic struggle for survivor. A father and his son are the only survivors who crush on a hostile earth planet when most of it habitants today are evolved predators. In order to be saved the two need to get the rescue beacon from the tail of the ship 100 kilometers from their location. The father broke both of his legs in the crush so the heavy lifting falls on the kid who needs to grow as a person , reconnect with his father, leaving all the personnel baggage aside to survive all the local dangerous predators in addition to one deadly one that came on the ship with them.
After Earth Kitai Raige and cypher raige picture
After Earth: Kitai Raige and General Cypher Raige

From the get go I will admit I don't even know why I decided to check out this film. I'm not a fan of will smith, never was. He is rarely funny and just because he participated in one good action film doesn't make him the action star the studious imagine him to be. The fact that will smith is constantly shoving his children into the film industry, doesn't give any points, not to him nor his kids. I don't have a problem with the fact that he is trying to push them into the Hollywood movie making scene but why do they constantly need to star next to him in his movies, if he really wants his children to succeed in this career choice that was chosen for them they need to do that by themselves.

Even if you are a Will Smith fan i bet you were disappointed from this After Earth film, because the main character that was constantly showcased was Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) while Will Smith's character Legendary General Cypher Raige was dying the entire movie in the wreckage of the ship. Jaden Smith just doesn’t have enough following to carry a film like after earth on his back. That is one of the reasons why After Earth failed miserably in the box-office; the other reason is because it was boring as hell. The film just didn't go anywhere, Kitai was in a constant chase after the beacon but it didn’t seem to be fascinating or interesting. overall Jaden Smith is just not a good enough actor the ridicules faces he made trying portray all kind of different emotional states looked bad and not convincing.

After Earth is most definitely not a cool movie. Whether you are a will smith fan or not you should stay away from After Earth as far as possible. Just don’t waste your time on a movie that tries to be a deep emotional quest but actually focuses on a hollow chase after nothing important.

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