Hercules: The Legend Begins Trailer - Sorry its Without The Rock

Hercules without the Rock

You probably thought to yourselves that this is going to be with The Rock. Sorry to disappoint you but it has the unknown Kellan Lutz playing the lead. As for the supporting cast, it includes Liam McIntyre who we learned to like from Starz Spartacus and the martial arts specialist Scott Adkins playing King Amphitryon. 

From the short 3 minute trailer it seemed like one large rollercoaster of copycat scenes from the biggest and the most successive movies from the Greek / Roman legends genre. It had scenes resembling 300, Troy, Gladiator, Spartacus and even some scenes resembled a Pompeii Trailer (a movie that wasn't even released yet). Granted that they tried to make that movie as appealing as possible stealing all the elements from successive movies and its ok but don’t be so transparent about it.

With all the cheap copy scenes in the trailer it looked like a fun trashy flick that you could check out but what all that has to do with Hercules? Didn't he suppose to fight monsters and daemons; he doesn't have to do nothing to a coliseum in Egypt or being a slave.

You would think to yourself "OK they took the Hercules Legend and thrown the monsters and magic away to make it more realistic" but wait a second later he releases 2 lashes of electricity on something / someone from his swords and you think to yourself “OK i give up now, I’m out of ideas” This movie is going to be one big mess, just like its trailer. We will have to wait and see how will it really turn out to be.

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  1. Yes, we did have to learn to like McIntyre & I do miss Spartacus,especially the first actor that played that title role, who died so tragically. I didn't know the series existed until this year so last Spring I caught up on all of them within a week so be ready for the final season & episode. It was wonderful.
    Isn't there a new Hercules coming out with Johnson (the Rock)? I'll want to be seeing that.

  2. His name was Andy Whitfield. Took me a season and a half to really adapt to McIntyre. At the end i liked what he did with the role. Spartacus was definitely an epic series. People got blinded by all the Blood and sex but it was one of the better written shows on TV. I remember that couldn't bare the long wait between seasons.

    Yea there is supposed to be Hercules with The Rock, i thought this one was it but it wasn't.