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 I, Frankenstein

When this I, Frankenstein trailer was released at the time I didn't give it much thought, hell I didn't even watch it. But today I had my random trailer check and I, Frankenstein trailer surfaced. It seemed like it was asking with a slow and gentle voice "watch me, watch me" and so I did. I never regretted it since.
I, Frankenstein aaron-eckhart comic con
Yvonne Strahovski and Aaron Eckhart

When people hear the name Frankenstein they think about the Kenneth Branagh film from 1994. Granted it was OK but nothing more than that. It had its sad and pitiful story and the tragic outcome of it all in the end. So that was the memory that was stuck in most of our minds. To my surprise these current I, Frankenstein neglected the self pity and shifted the focus to action, fantasy combined with the inner anger of Frankenstein who teamed up with a group of angels (or Griffins I’m really not sure about that) to fight an army of demons. The entire movie seemed to be wrapped in an Underworld movie style package. From the trailer it is one of the most anticipated movies so far.

The fact that Aaron Eckhart plays the lead is another reason for checking out this Frankenstein adaptation. In addition to Akhart you will find the amazing Bill Nighy (you may remember him from the
Underworld movies) and the breath taking in her beauty Yvonne Strahovski (from the last two seasons of Dexter).

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

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  1. When most people think of Frankenstein they think of Boris Karloff's classic.
    I definitely want to see this, though it's obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with Mary Shelley's actual story about Frankenstein & his monster.
    I'm glad Strahovski is translating her name from Dexter to the big screen.
    I'm not sure this movie should be naming the monster after his creator, Baron von Frankenstein. That would be a big flaw. Hope to see it 14JAN14. The middle of winter here, is always a good time for cinema.

  2. It depends on the age, im in my 30's so i remembered Branagh's film
    Im glad Yvonne Strahovski is making the transition to the big screen, she has the look and acting skills to back it up.