Marvel’s Agents of Shield Review: The Asset (S01E03)

 Marvel’s Agents of Shield S01E03 Review

After a disappointing start, Agents of Shield tries to gain momentum they lost after the pilot episode. Nick fury’s appearance in the end of the second episode of the show managed to give the show some sort of breathing space.
The opening scene in episode 3: cars’ flying in the air was pretty cool but right after the ending of that scene we got back to the same old boring Agents of Shield. With plain dialogs that were planted there just as an excuse to make Skye and Ward create artificial sexual tension, during Skye’s physical training session becoming a poor Mike Tyson copy. In the meantime Fitz and Simmons kept on acting like stereotypical geeks speaking their own language that Ward (like everyone else) had difficulties to understand. Right after the expected Ward comment both geeks had to translate their text from heavy geek to teenage English.
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Agents of Shield

Who says you don't learn new things from TV? Who knew that Malta is the new safe haven for international criminals (yea right)? The entire interaction between Quinn and Dr. Hall was tolerable. It was a lot more interesting than the dialogs between the Shield agents. Who are constantly busy explaining themselves to anyone who is ready to listen.

Planting Skye in Quinn's party was a shallow excuse to put a tight pink mini dress on Chloe Bennett and highlight her cleavage through half of the episode. She also tried to interacting with Quinn, trying to confuse the audience as if she is playing both sides.

While Skye was mingling with the bad guys, Coulson and Ward were infiltrating the villa; there was something strange in their scene. While Ward suited up for combat Coulson was in his regular suite, what's up with that? One moment Ward and Coulson walking on the beach and a moment later they are throwing guards all over the beach. Couple of minutes pass and they are involved in a shutout pinned with their backs towards the force field.

The entire thing with Coulson and Dr. Hall was one of the weakest spots in this 3rd episode of the show. The  scene was too long and mostly boring as hell. When it was supposed to be the highlight of the episode.

Overall Marvel’s Agents of Shield didn't manage to regain its lost momentum. The show kept on being mediocre and didn't manage to generate a quality episode. The only interesting characters are still Coulson and Melinda May while the younger cast of Marvels Agents of Shield keep on being pretty faces with nothing to show for it. They lack personality and can’t manage to make the viewers care for them. The moment Joss Whedon will make the younger cast interesting the show will pick up. Lets just hope ABC will give
Whedon  time to improve without canceling the show.

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