The Blacklist Pilot Review: Pretty and Good

The Blacklist Debut

What convinced me to check out The Blacklist was James Spider. No doubt that he is a great actor and when somebody in his caliber makes the transition from the big screen to TV, it’s a must checking out his work.

The Blacklist is ... actually it’s how it sounds. a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world. The only owner of the list is Raymond 'Red' Reddington (James Spader) a known traitor who was eluding the FBI for 20 years. One day suddenly out of nowhere he turns himself in and chooses to share The Blacklist with the FBI his only condition is that he will be working directly with a rooky analyst Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

Reddington's smart ass remarks when he interacts with his surrounding (that’s mostly FBI agents) and Spider acting over shines everything else. Boone's pretty face is an expected addition to the regular and all known formula in TV today, she does a good job so far (at least in the pilot), in addition to a pretty face she does have a talent and it will be interesting to see how she develops in this season of The Blacklist.

the mysterious connection between Elizabeth Keen and Reddington was strongly over-hyped during the pilot, to the point that Reddington is most likely Keen's father (or at least close relative), that’s the only incentive I see in Reddington's actions to get a real connection to the daughter he never saw.

This NBC show is shot well with an intriguing story line that always keeps something back to surprise the viewers and make them tune in for more. The plot is relatively believable. Sure there are flaws that need to be ignored in order to enjoy the show completely but the problems are not massive that cannot be overlooked. The leading cast has a believable acting performance.

From the pilot The Blacklist looks pretty cool and I will be tuning in for the next few episodes to see what happens.

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  1. Personally, I have a difficult time watching Spader. (can't stand him)

  2. Cant argue on the issue, every one has his personnel taste