White House Down Review: A Bad Joke

I will admit prior watching this film I already got a bad vibe about it. The first impression from the trailer itself was not as appealing and people who already watched the film had mixed feelings about the White House Down 2013. 
Now watching White House Down with my own eyes I really see why there were so many complains about this film.

The easy going opener with Channing Tatum cracking jokes on the expense on the squirrels and later on with ... everyone else was somehow tolerable and even fun at times (The squirrel) but Channing Tatum was not the problem in this film he was actually one of the positive factors in it. The thing that hurt this film the most from the get go was the blind idolization for the president from: Cale, Finnerty, Emily, Donnie the Guide and ... practically everyone who was around. I know that Hollywood drools over Obama regardless the fact that he IS THE WEAKEST PRESIDENT USA HAS EVER HAD, that is why white house down movie creators crafted Jamie Foxx's character after the spineless president. Let me tell you that Jamie Foxx played the part better than the man himself - and that is not a complement. The entire idea of the president pulling his troops from a region of conflict and in response all players involved would sign a peace treaty is a fairy tale that only Hollywood delusional writers can think of. They took a real situation twisted it in their own way and try to brainwash the viewers to think that whatever they show in this film can really work in real life, that is so far from the truth that it is an insult to watch this White House Down film. 

Another stupid move was the hero aura the director tried to pin on Emily's character. Recording the video with the Terrorists true identities and posting it on YouTube while she was about to be captured is not a heroic move, it’s a stupid one. With that YouTube post she signed her own execution (That unfortunately never happened) and what about the media that posted her name on the news while she was still trapped as a hostage inside the white house, and the “Terrorists” had only to watch the new to get her. That was so stupid that it was funny, where exactly was the censorship in that play?

Another negative thing with White House Down was the chemistry that glued the entire movie. On one hand you got Tatum and Foxx who are creating a comical environment in every scene (what’s up with the snickers?) between them. Generally it would be great for a comedy but Tatum and Foxx are the only ones who generate the amusing segments. The rest of the White House Down cast maintained a serious atmosphere. In this case the comedy was useless and unnecessary because there was no real balance between the two and it was difficult to figure out what is the film supposed to be. 

Another thing that I have to mention here, midway through the film I started routing for the "Terrorists". I found a deeper connection to Stenz and Walker than to everyone else. Stenz was abandoned in a hostile environment by his country while performing all kinds of dirty jobs for the government. No wonder his was pissed. And what about Walker, whatever he tried to do was heroic, after losing his kid in a mission that could be easily avoided, he wanted payback and that’s acceptable as well. This is not the first time that a film featuring Jamie Foxx generates this mixed reaction with me, the guy just lacks charisma, Foxx does not have the persona to gather the audience behind him (a small reminder to whoever considers casting Jamie Foxx for the role of Spawn).

This film had one purpose, to bash the republicans in every way possible and elevate weakness and sassiness. No wonder it failed in every aspect. I guess the public is not that dumb as Hollywood thinks. If you watched this film and felt disappointed at the end because you saw how retarded it was. I recommend you to go and watch Olympus has Fallen. The idea is identical but the execution is so much better. No wonder that there will be a Olympus has Fallen sequel film - London Has Fallen. While White House Down will remain being a joke that it is.

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