Almost Human Mid Season Premiere Review: Simon Says

Almost Human Simon Says Review

Almost Human was the first of the cool shows i follow that came back from its mid season winter break. Although the episodes that followed the great pilot didn't get close to the quality of the first episode they were still entertaining, after all Karl urban practically cannot do wrong (at least that's what I think). After this 7th episode of almost human even Michael Ealy started to grow on me (especially after the bad first impression I got from the actor in Underworld Awakening).
The exciting first scene with the banker followed a kitschy one with the flowers delivery girl while the next important segment that had Detective John Kennex kidnapped by the psychopath bomber seemed too easy and was there to serve the plot twist. How easy it was for the psycho bomber to kidnap a police officer especially at a crime scene where most of the cops are looking for him, slide in a van and load Kennex on it and just drive away. Although it was addressed in the episode by the Captain Sandra Maldonado the entire scenario just seemed too big of the stretch.

Karl urban practically saved the final segment of the episode by being himself. It was clear that the villain of "Simon Says" seemed like a character that didn’t pull its weight. The dialogue that was written for the bomber seemed to be dumb down to the lowest level, the actor who played the part (David Dastmalchian) didn't help either and made most of his scenes look disturbingly wrong. It wasn’t clear at first if it’s because the actor himself who seemed really creepy (which is a good thing for this particular role) or was it because Simon looked out of place most of the time and not as exciting to watch on screen (that’s what we got from Simon). 

Lucky for us we had Dorian who was low on fumes but because of it gave us his most entertaining performances in the show so far. I think if it was up to me Almost Human writers shouldn’t charge Dorian at all, the guy is a lot more entertaining when he is not his 100%.

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