Banshee Season 2 Premiere Review: Little Fish

Banshee Season 2 Little Fish Review

The 3rd week of January brought back most of the shows that were on its annual Christmas break but that’s not everything we got. New shows aired and older shows returned with their new seasons. One of the shows that we had our eye on was Banshee. Banshee doesn’t have the massive following like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead but not like GOT and TWD Banshee's 1st season practically came from no where with no hype. 

Banshee managed to create a good following with its fresh plot line, a great core idea and extensive brutality. With massive chunks of screen time spared for the well cariographed fight scenes Banshee could not fail. Banshee's Season 2 reappeared practically from nowhere once again but still managed to bring back the audience it captured one year ago, without any hype or extensive promotion compeigns.

Season 2 premiere episode opened up with the fallout from the events from the finale of season 1. Banshee police force is under investigation from upstairs Anna (Ivana Milicevic) is about to be in a major legal mess as a result of her actions from the last season while Sheriff Hood (Antony Starr) is back on to his old tricks: keeping the people around him safe, being a sheriff, screwing everything that moves and robbing armored trucks.

The first episode started very slow but from what we saw in season 1, season 2 is going to build up to something great just like it was last year. Considering that nothing important happened in this episode. The armored truck heist felt the most exiting scene when adding to the mix what Nola can do on a bike and on Hood Proctor had nothing to do except have some fun in the bed room. Deputy Siobhan Kelly is falling for Hood. Deva is getting into trouble with the law but like her parents manages to find a way to avoid unpleasant encounter with the police. Anna is not allowed to see her kids she is broke and is forced to rob the armored truck with Hood, Job and Bates. Rabbit is alive and on the loose. Job was probably the funniest character to watch in this episode but everyone overall had a decent performance that will only improve and get even more exciting in the future.

We can’t say that Banshee’s season 2 opener was disappointing; it was pretty good compared to everything else we see on TV this day. We got used to seeing great things from Banshee’s first season (and the finale in particular), that way watching only a good episode seems to be disappointing in a way. We don’t really see what the future holds for Banshee in this 2nd season but after a slower but in the same time balanced opener with great camera work that we got used to seeing in season 1 we can only see good things in Banshee’s future.

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