SyFy Bitten Premiere Review: A Beauty That Bites

Bitten Pilot Review

When a show premiere starts with a sex scene and moments later a werewolf transformation, a show like that catches the eye immediately; it’s something that creates a positive impression with the male audience instantly.
English: Laura Vandervoort at the 2010 Comic Con
English: Laura Vandervoort at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a long time we saw a lot of vampire movies and TV shows that at times included the werewolves in their extended plot. What we didn't see much lately was the werewolf projects that stood their own in film and even fewer on TV. What caught the eye in Bitten was that it is the first time we see a show that focuses on a lead female werewolf character that is the focus of the entire show, that’s something you didn’t didn't see before.

What's interesting enough about Bitten that it doesn't rely on mystic prophesies, heavy religious origins stories it tells us the tale of young women that tries to build a life for herself in the big city and deal with her inner beast in the process. From here on we get the regular story of an individual that is ashamed of what she is. She tries to suppress her inner beast but like always that never works and almost blows in Elena’s face (the first scene).

Laura Vandervoort is one of the most beautiful women you can catch on TV. Choosing her to become a werewolf in Bitten was an interesting choice. Laura is a decent actress and what she lacks in her performance she compensates with her stunning beauty. Given enough time no doubt that Laura will improve in the next few episodes of the show. 

Laura’s character Elena Michaels seems struggling with herself her family and most importantly with her inner beast. We got to see only a small glimpse in the Bitten Trailer and it is fascinating to see where the plot brings our beautiful heroine. We didn’t get to see more of Elena’s pack, we got to see small glimpses of the different individual and the complicated relationships Elena has with some of them. It would be great seeing the werewolves interact and hunt the mutt that assembled them all after such a long time.

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