Machete Kills Review: Senseless, Brutal Fun

Machete Kills Many More Guys Die

In order to really like Machete or Machete Kills you can't take the film seriously you need to accept it as detached from reality comedy slasher that defines the rules of logic.
Machete Kills assembled an interesting cast of actors (Cuba Gooding Jr., Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Walton Goggins, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez and Danny Trejo) that some of them used to be at the top of their profession one time of their careers. In the last few years some of Machete Kills cast found themselves doing films that nobody cared about. Machete Kills wasn't really a big change for the washed up A-Listers, after all it was a trashy B film. What really puts Machete Kills apart from the other horrible B films is that Machete is aware of itself. That way all the delusional scenes that we see in Machete Kills can really work without looking bad, no doubt that those endless kill scenes, the kitschy phrases and the redundant dialogs look terribly stupid but they look fun in the same time. If we evaluate Machete Kills according to those 2 parameters, than Machete Kills is a lot more fun than it is stupid but most of the time it’s stupid fun which is good too.

Machete Kills featuring Cuba Gooding Jr., Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Walton Goggins, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez and Danny Trejo
Machete - Danny Trejo
The first 20 minutes were actually fun in a way, watching Danny Trejo's Machete go wild on everyone that moved with endless kills was pretty cool. Even Charlie Sheen as Mr. President was hilarious. Mel Gibson reminded us why so many people liked to see him perform, that’s before he screwed up big time and Michelle Rodriguez did her regular tough girl act. The rest of the Machete Kills cast were lost in the shuffle. Because 20 minutes into Machete Kills and the story started to drag after all it was pretty bad script (lucky for us we didn’t come to see Machete Kills for quality writing or any good acting) camouflaged well with the rest of Machete Kills elements (kills, ridicules dialogs). When the kill scenes started to feel like a part of the regular scenery in the film, the dialogs lost their magic (they never had we just didn’t see that in the beginning), most of the scenes that followed the 30 minute time mark felt like buying time to pass another hour just to finish the film. 

Machete Kills end scene was so ridicules that only Robert Rodriguez can think of it. The funny thing is that Robert Rodriguez can probably make it work (at least for the first half an hour). Machete 3 aka Machete in space would define a new frontier in the ... I don’t even know if I can define a genre for Machete. The Machete films are so ridicules that they don’t even fit a genre; Machete defines an all new genre for itself.
Anyway Machete Kills started as a fun experience and for some it continued as one but only if you knew how to take in the film. I still think that Machete Kills is a cool movie only because I had a lot of fun watching it.

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