Dracula Season 1 Review: Thank God it Ended

 Dracula Review

As the pilot episode aired on NBC Dracula seemed very promising. It presented the origin story of the first vampire from a different point of view than we got used to seeing. You can't say that the guy was perceived as a typical fairy tale hero but you could connect to Vlad and see him as more of a hero than villain according to his origins story and the characteristics that shaped his character, especially when there were a lot meaner characters in the show.
NBC Dracula review Jonathan Rhys Meyers

After seeing the pilot episode it seemed that NBC got a cool idea and they could run with Dracula for a while, don’t get me wrong the pilot episode had its flaws but they seemed not as important at least not in the pilot episode itself. We ignored those flaws because we wanted to get to know the new Dracula we didn’t see before. 

The acting from most of the participants was not something that you would like to remember. Especially the forced heavy British accent that majority of the participants tried to bring to the show (in particular Oliver Jackson-Cohen who played Jonathan Harker). 

The order of Drago that was supposed to be the source of all evil in the show didn’t work, it looked like a bunch of rich old men and  Lady Jayne Wetherby (Victoria Smurfit) playing with Pagan rituals just because they are bored to death.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers himself tried really hard carrying the show on his own but his Dracula looked like a spoiled brat, with a short fuse. Meyers’s Dracula tried to look smart but at the end of the day failed to achieve most of the goals he put in front of himself. Meyers's sidekick R.M. Renfield (Nonso Anozie) looked a lot smarter than his boss and it seemed that Anozie was miss-cased in Dracula playing a large but very calm butler. The only character that looked a bit realistic and somehow interesting was Thomas Kretschmann's Abraham Van Helsing. 

Dracula's ending doesn’t leave much to go on for season 2, seeing all the villains (and some good guys) meet their maker leaves the cast of characters pretty dwindled. While on paper the final scene between Harker and Van Helsing seemed promising. The fact that I really don’t care much for Harker, what he does, thinks or fucks the entire end scene flopped on its face you can blame it on Harker who was a major pain watching this Dracula season.

Making Harker the main villain for season 2 is a ridicules idea that is not going to work. That is the main reason why NBC should put Dracula out of its misery and end it before the show turns from simply bad in its debut season to pathetic in its second season.

This show ended a few weeks ago but after following 8 episodes of the show I completely forgot about the final 2 episodes. Mostly because the entire season of the show was pretty bad and I just wanted to stop watching but being a TV masochist I am I kept on going. I didn’t even know that the first season had only 10 episodes, imagine my surprise on episode 10 when I discovered that this life sucking torture has ended.

At this point in time we don’t know yet whether NBC is going to renew Dracula for a second season. That said if Dracula will be canceled after only one season I won’t share a tear for it and even if by some miracle it will be renewed and get a second season I won’t be there to check it out.

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