Why Syfy's Helix Episode 4 Made me Stop Watching the Show

Why i don't Want to Watch Helix no More

I don’t generally stop watching TV shows in mid season but there are exceptions, they are not many but they exist. Generally when I consider watching a TV series or a movie I check out the trailer and when the trailer looks interesting enough the next stage is checking the movie itself or watching the Pilot to get first impression from the TV show.
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The first time I was introduced to Helix I had difficulties getting it. I know it sounds strange but generally when you watch a pilot you immediately know what to expect from the show. You either: like it and keep on watching or you hate it after 20-30 minutes and regret the 30 minutes you just wasted of your life. When I watched the Pilot episode of Helix I didn’t really know how to categorize the show. On one hand there was Hiroyuki Sanada who is always great to watch, on the other hand everything else was exhausting. Just like I mentioned in Helix Pilot Review the major questions remained in place but even after 4 episodes (actually its 3.5, I stopped watching episode 4 after 20 minutes) we still don’t have a clue what is going on. That is the biggest problem with the show, Helix refuses to move forward. I understand that Helix creators / writers don’t want to reveal anything for granted but come on, revealing nothing after 3-4 episodes is way too much. I know that a lot of people like the show and consider it as a great Sci-fi / Horror new comer but I’m sure that there are people (like me) that are fed up with Helix and the no direction it is moving towards.

What I’m trying to say is that I just don’t have the patience to wait and see what will happen next. Even before episode 4 all 3 episodes felt slow and painful to watch and I’m not saying it because the acting was bad. Actually everything that got to do with Helix cast of actors was good. Hiroyuki Sanada was ice cold just like his Hiroshi Hatake character demanded. Billy Campbell was overacting in his role of Dr. Alan Farragut but still he brought one of the most emotional performances in the series, alongside with Sanada they are the most interesting characters in Helix. The main two female characters played by Kyra Zagorsky and Jordan Hayes look great on screen and give a descent performance but at times seem to be emotionless and distant. 

At this point in time 6 Helix episodes aired on Syfy and I got all of them on my watch list but I had episode 4 for a few weeks already and refused to watch it. That was a red flag I ignored in hope to postpone the unpleasant viewing experience of the show. I didn’t feel like that at the time but for some reason I just didn’t want to see Helix.

During watching episode 4 it got me thinking, why am I watching Helix? I’m not enjoying it; I don't see were the show is going with its "complex" and exhausting plot, what is going on in here? Suddenly I asked myself:  Do I want to keep on watching this show?  My immediate answer to my question was No. I wanted to enjoy Helix for what it supposed to be unfortunately it was not fun, so why keep on going? 5 seconds later Helix was a distant memory and i decided that this show is not for me anymore.

So what exactly gone wrong for me in Helix? Well I mentioned that the acting was OK so that’s not it. The overall look of the show was actually great so the camera men and the directors did their job. So who is left? In my opinion the blame falls on the writers of the show, their lackluster plot made me walk away from Helix and I’m not going to return. If they had thrown a bone by answering at least one of the major question marks and not wasted time with useless chases of the main characters after their own tails. it could work and keep me somehow interesting but they didn’t do that and decided to keep the show mysterious to the point that nobody is not going to get who’s against who until season finale and even that is a speculation. I just don’t have the patience to wait so long.

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  1. I'm curious to see if something SUBSTANTIAL actually happens; but I've watched.each episode. It's a disappointment & the star, Billy Campbell, is over-acting. The whole thing is too much like a soap opera with the women & the men wanting to discuss their feelings & emotions every 10 minutes. They need to get something more into the plot NOW. Not later or at the end. Now!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, everything that is happening in the show had no meaning. The main characters are busy talking about nothing and doing even more nothing while trying to look important in the process.

  3. Except for the whole thing is nicely put together & sharp. Nice titles & sets.
    I do think the whole thing is aimed at women, instead of at a whole audience. Maybe discussing a love affair or feelings once, every couple of episodes, but this is too much.

  4. i know that i got fed up with Helix and it seems that you are not happy with it either. Maybe you are right and women enjoy this Show a lot more.
    For a show that supposed to be Horror/Thriller/Zombie show, feelings have nothing to do with it. The show was supposed to be more active and not a soap opera that makes you want to stop watching.