Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Review

I saw the first trailer for Machinima's new street fighter web series a while ago but only now I discovered that all 12 short episodes were released. Just like with Mortal Kombat Machinima went to the core story of the franchise, the one that appealed to so many of the 80's kids. with a tiny budget Machinima managed to turn around the fate of this awesome franchise and bring it to life, but most importantly it looked great because it was made for the small children of the 80's. Not like 1994's failed film with Jean-Claude Van Damme which focused more on flashy nonsense forgetting completely why was the game so popular.

Machinima's web series focused mostly on two of the beloved fighters of the games Ryu and Ken. We got to know the back story of the identical fighters from their childhood to their teenage years. In addition to Ryu and Ken we got to meet their master who tought them everything they know and dig deeper to his own back story.

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist was not as fluent as Machinima's 2 previous seasons of Mortal Kombat. In Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Machinima focused on only 4 important characters while Ken and Ryu delivered what was expected of them, the other two failed to leave a significant mark. The scenes which featured Goki and Gôken were not very good. It's hard to say what was the reason but every time when Goki and Gôken appeared on the screen we missed Ken and Ryu almost immediately. Maybe it was because Gôken's origins story wasn't as appealing, the bottom line was it just didn't work and we were left with too little of Ken an Ryu. Another problem that was obvious was the budget limitations that influenced harshly on the casting choices. The young Goki and Gôken looked in a certain way while their older replacements nothing like them. Even worse than that Goki’s older version was buffed up white dude that had zero resemblance to the younger Japanese version of himself.

With all the rediculessely strange stuff with Machinima's Street Fighter that was mentioned above, the most important thing about the show was implemented correctly. The origins story of Ryu and Ken was good and was a joy to follow. The funny thing about it, that it was one of the simplest plots you would see on TV. There was nothing flashy or special about it. 

Machinima's Street Fighter described the friendship and growth of two of its beloved fighters. The true fans of the original game didn't ask anything more. Machinima knows how to focus on important things and making them look so simple. While in the same time choreographs great fight sequences that stay true to the original story which are a joy to watch. At the end of the day what does every Street Fighter fan wants to see from its TV or the big screen adaptation? He wants to see every fighter fighting moves he saw in the game come to life on the screen. Ken vs Ryu fight we saw in the trailer and later on in episode 11 delivered exactly what we wanted to see and that is why this short low budget web series with all its problems Surpasses the 1994 movie in several levels.

Like I mentioned the show had a lot of dead spots (Goki and GoKen) with a bit boring plot at times ,Goken's vs Gokis open ending didn't help either but we were compensated with Ken and Ryu during the entire season and their battle in the end was the crown jewel of the entire season.
The entire season of Machinima's Street Fighter Assassin's Fist is in the video bellow, if you are a true Street Fighter fan you have to check it out.
Video: Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Season 1 Machinima brings us Ken Vs. Ryu in the fresh web series Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

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