Vikings Season 2 Final Review

Vikings is one of those shows that is a sin to miss out on. Vikings first season surprised everyone with its raw brutality and the explosion of the audience to a crude and at times strange Vikings culture. 
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Season 2 of the show picked up exactly where the first season ended and told the story of Ragnar Lothbrok his family’s story and how all of them rose to fame. Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) a simple but a very sharp local warrior in a distant Scandinavian province who rose to power and united most of the Scandinavian tribes. One of Ragnar's gifts is the ability to read his enemies and prepare accordingly when he is obliged to kill them.

Ragnar Lothbrok had his ups and had his downs this season but the most important thing that can be said about his character is that he got a lot stronger after those events and most importantly he could not pull of the finale with king Horik if he hadn’t go through the traumatic events of this season.
Video: Vikings Season 2 Teaser Trailer Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Rollo and the others return for the bloody second season of the Vikings

Lagertha disappeared mid season and we thought that this is the last of us seeing Lagertha in the show, but out of nowhere towards the second half of the season she came back and she came back in style. Lagertha saved her ex husband from certain death and became an earl of her community.  Lagertha took the vacant place of Jarl Borg as the third partner of Ragnar Louthbrok and king Horiks sacking party to the British island.

This season we got to see two versions of Bjorn. The younger character played by Nathan O'Toole In the first season and a few episodes of the second season and the older massive warrior version played by Alexander Ludwig who you may remember from the Hunger Games. The older Bjorn seemed like a slight hit and miss. He could do a lot more this season than he actually did. The character looked interesting when he was living with his mother until his emotional meeting with his father but soon after the reunion he didn't get much to do in the show. the romance angle he had with the slave girl Porunn seemed like a filler.

After the massive first battle between Rollo and Ragnar and the final fallout of it all I was really wondering what they are going to do with Rollo this season. To my surprise Rollo came back and came back better than ever. He wasn’t as arrogant and power thirsty but he was a joy to watch. After the events of the first episode in the 2nd season it was hard to imagine what is there for Rollo left to do in the show except … die. I guess Vikings creators surprised us and Rollo was a new man.

Like in the first season of the show where we saw human sacrifice and everything that came with it. This season we were shocked by the Blood Eagle episode. You probably thought to yourselves that you know all the average Viking rituals but after seeing Vikings you learned something disturbingly new about the Scandinavian warriors and their culture.

The only thing that stood out this season was Floki's character. In the 2nd half of the season, Floki turned on Ragnar Lothbrok without any reason and it was hard to grasp what exactly happened because I really thought that I missed on an episode of the show.

Vikings season 2 was a lot more action packed and fun than season 1. It is definitely worth waiting for Vikings season 3 (we already know that the History channel renewed Vikings for the third season). If you have not seen Vikings yet you should watch it immediately.

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  1. I wish they had the wherewithal to make longer seasons for Vikings.

  2. I still don't understand had Rollo survived after it showed him being run over by men & horses, bouncing after each time he was trampled. Also, he made the long voyage back from Britain without dying! I think this is a flaw, but did like watching him jerking each time a horse stomped him. That was a good Viking battle, best one of the season, I think.

  3. Like i mentioned in the review Rollo was an interesting to follow this season. His scene with the horses was definitely an all time low for him but the Loki turning on Ragnar bothered me a lot more.