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Coming to watch Brick Mansions I had high expectations, not because of the film itself but because it was Paul Walkers last film he ever shot. From the get go it looked like it was something that was actually worth my while, seeing Lino jump around all over the place showing what he can do. Unfortunately right than something horrible happened, the local Chef aka the self proclaimed gangster RZA showed up. 
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If you read The Man with The Iron Fists Review i posted a while ago you would know exactly what I think about RZA, so I’m not going to elaborate on that issue more than I really have to. Anyway, the moment that useless "actor" showed up I didn’t want to watch the movie anymore. But Brick Mansions being Paul Walkers last film I had to cool myself and continue watching. From that spot on something was wrong, even when Paul Walkers made his debut something was missing (mainly my will to watching this film). As the film tried to progress forward you would notice the cartoonish script that was created by armatures or lazy soap opera writers. You know the guys who write lines to fill up the time without giving the audience anything substantial. 

I know this was supposed to be an action film with a weak story line that could hold its own like most action films do. But come on, you would need to create at least a few believable lines of dialog to take this film seriously. Because from what I took from this film was that the director and the writers wanted to give the actors the opportunity to shoot a lot of stuff none of that stuff were people which was even more ridicules. You got this huge militia who is armed to the teeth but every time they meet Lino and Damien they forget completely about their guns or when they don’t they hit everything in sight except the 2 individuals they supposed to kill. When they run out of bullets or conveniently disarmed, they pick up sticks and bricks for no clear reason just to try to hit the two with them again without any success. 
I understand that David Belle wanted to show of what he can do and he can do a lot of cool stuff but all those fights needed to have a logical reason behind them, without it it’s all of the participant looked like  jumping monkeys with no goal.
Video: Brick Mansions Trailer Paul Walker in his last cinematic performance teams up with David Belle to bring us Brick Mansions

With all the bad stuff I described above it wasn't the worst thing that Brick Mansions had to offer. The ending of this horrible film was a safe way for the writers to make all the main characters in the film look in a positive light in this screwed up finale. The sad thing about this thing was that the guy who made look hellish throughout the film turned to be the most positive character towards the end of it and his reward in the end of the film was one of the pathetic things I ever saw. The big bad of the film was not the individual we all suspected from the beginning but it was ... I dare you to watch it if you really want to know. Well excuse me I will go through up for the occasion and come back in a moment.
OK I’m back, the bottom line is you shouldn't watch Brick Mansions it's one of the worst films Hollywood ever remade and it's sad that Paul Walkers last film will be remembered as this pile of crap that is called Brick Mansions.

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