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In The Blood is one of the most irregular films that are out there today. This style of a female rough, tough and uncompromising hero character is not something you see every day. Sure there was one girl in the 80's and 90's who raised hell, that was Cynthia Rothrock. But ever since she disappeared (I know that Cynthia keeps on doing movies but they are irrelevant) we didn't get to see a female action star that could fight the in this kind of a style and bring it to the toughest guys on the block, well until now.
You can't go tougher Gina Carano, this former MMA professional fighter burst into the movie scene with appearances in movies like Haywire and Fast & Furious 6 but only in In The Blood she got to be the soul star of her own film.

let's be honest In The Blood is a terrible film. The acting was horrific, the plot cannot be weaker than it was, the photography was so bad that the beautiful landscape of Puerto Rico wilderness could not hide the sloppy camera handling. At times it seemed like the film was a documentary that was shot by inexperienced film students, but if you decided to watch the film you probably already knew that from the trailer.

Video: In The Blood Trailer Gina Carano shows the world what she can do when gangsters make the horrible mistake of picking on the wrong girl
The only and probably the most important reason people might decide watching In The Blood is: Gina Carano. There was nothing else worth of any value in this film. Whoever decided to check out In The Blood came to see Gina Carano beat the crap out of: Drug dealers, Cops, Guys, Girls and Dany Trejo. Everything else was secondary because just like I elaborated before it wasn't worth much. When you come to a film like In The Blood and the only thing you want to see is the action or to be exact Gina Carano in action. Everything else seems to be taking way too much precious time. Gina is not an actress, all the melodramatic and romantic sequences were not a pleasant stuff to see.

Especially when you have an actress as stiff as Gina doing all the emotional scenes only without the emotion. Manny's character, who was supposed to soften the blow of Carano's acting and glue together the plot between Ava and Puerto Rico's underworld, was more of a nuisance in the film. Manny was one of the most annoying characters In The Blood had to offer. Another two actors that wasted their time in a short appearances were Treat Williams who's purpose was to make Ava even more mad and Luis Guzmán, who's purpose in the film I struggle to understand till this time.
Like most action fans the only thing we really wanted to see were the fights. Unfortunately if you take out the first fight scene in the club, everything else was forgettable at best. The final moments of the film had a few decent confrontations between Gina and the gangsters but the final scene with Danny Trejo and Amaury Nolasco was not really good. It seemed that the director (John Stockwell) was trying to enjoy the best of both worlds, on one side he wanted to protect the kids "close your eyes" and "now things will be better" as Big Biz said and on the other Big Biz just slit the other guys thought as a typical gangster. it hellish but it was something that Gina's character was supposed to do to make the ending look and feel somehow better.

Gina Carano is the only credible female action actress in Hollywood today, as long as you, the viewers know what are you going for in In The Blood you should watch this film. The film is not Oscar material but it was never supposed to be one. it's about one of the toughest women in the world showing us what she can do when push comes to shove on the big screen. If you are a Gina Carano fan there is now way you will miss on In The Blood but if you are not you should still consider watching the film just for Gina's talent dismantling every man who stands in her way.

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