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In the last few year Liam Neeson was pretty busy establishing himself as an action star in the vacuum that was created after the old guard of movie stars got really old and moved / degraded to doing other stuff. Surprisingly enough Neeson succeeded sweeping into the space that was left empty and he did pretty well for himself especially when some younger guys who tried making the same move failed horribly (Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx).
Non-Stop - Liam Neeson
Nonstop started pretty good with the thrilling beginning that continued just until the villain of the film ditched the phone, everything that followed was just too complicated and not as interesting as it was in the beginning of the film. The main two stars of Non-stop: Neeson and Julianne Moore drowned in the plot that was trying to be more sophisticated than it should have been. I understand that the movie was supposed to maintain its high tension levels especially when towards the middle of the film it all looked lost but making your two main stars create an artificial romantic angle based on all the wrong variables mistrust playing the main flaw in their 1 hour relationship looked silly at best.
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After the villain was revealed and his true intention was discovered than it became way too simple to be true, especially when the excuse the villain had for doing what he did was so weak that it ruined the entire ending but that's ok after the strong beginning of the film and the slow deterioration towards the middle of the film we changed our expectations from Non-stop and remained to feel the ride itself while the final outcome was secondary.

One of the problems Non-stop had (at least in my opinion) was that there were just too many small details that there was no way that the villain had control over them to do what he did in the film. Jack Hammond and the pilot situations were beyond his control so was the reaction of the authorities. In addition can somebody please explain what was the purpose of the bomb being on the plain when the sole purpose of this fiasco was screw the system by framing its air marshal in hijacking.

Non-stop was one of those senseless films that you watch them once, the studious make a decent sum of money from it. The audience enjoys some parts of the film and some will say they are OK with paying money for watching Non-stop. Neeson gets to shine under the action sun, a second later move on to his next project. A week later all of the participants forget all about the film move on and everyone is happy.

Its hard to recommend a film like Non-stop, it has an intriguing start but as the plot and the film progress with time the film loses its magic. All that would still be OK if the film had a strong finale but Non-stop didn't had one. Actually it had a pretty bad ending. I would not recommend the film unless you are a die hard Liam Neeson fan

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