Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

After allot of positive feedbacks for the film I finally found the time and sat down in anticipation of watching Captain America the Winter Soldier. Like we all remember the first Captain America from 2011 was not any good and from that disaster you could only get better, and that was exactly what we got from The Winter Soldier.

The film started very good with a lot of light funny humor between Steve Rogers and the Natasha Romanoff, continued with great action sequence featuring Captain America The Black Widow and even Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) had a great performance, not in that particular scene but through the entire film (that's important, because the man who will eventually becomes Crossbones needs to have a good debut). Unfortunately right after the first massive action scene, the film took a major step back, making me want to go to sleep. This issue where Captain America was struggling with himself and eventually confronting Nick Fury was such a waste of time.  No doubt that the current events in the world influenced the Russo brothers to implement those elements in the film. The freedom of the individual and the constant deception of the high powers making them look like the biggest threat to the free world and its society is so weakly and silly especially today. It makes you wonder, why all those people in the film industry constantly trying to push their ridicules believes to the masses.
Captain America and The Black Widow

Two of the main characters that got me excited for Captain America 2 were: The Winter Soldier himself and Sam Wilson aka the Falcon. Unfortunately both flopped in Captain America 2 (my opinion). 

The Winter Soldier looked great as the villain during the film (before his origins explained) and his confrontations with Captain America looked great, but when the film tried to explain Bucky Barnes's origins back-story it was not as appealing as the first impression we got from the Winter Soldier character. I will be a lot harsh, Bucky Barnes as he was presented in both films was a boring and unimportant character Forcing the audience to sympathize with character that nobody really cared for from the beginning was a lost battle. 

The falcon similarly to The Winter Soldier looked good on paper but when you glimpsed a bit deeper as the movie progressed forward, you would see a hallow character with a horrible build up and even worse initial presentation which was written poorly for the film. For me the Falcon was a broken guy who Steve Rogers used as psychologist in the beginning of the film, he turned into action junky who was flying all over the place blowing stuff up and not surprisingly escaping death on way too many occasions. Towards the end of the film Falcon officially became Captain America's little bitch, doing whatever his master decided to do and the little pup followed no questions asked.
Video: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Chris Evans is back for the 2nd round as Captain America this time he gets help from the Black widow to fight the Winter Soldier

Another thing about Captain America: The Winter Soldier that hurt my eyes more than everything else was Marvel's persistence on the blood issue or to be exact that lack of blood in the film. If you remember my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review I addressed the problematic issue, which was so obviously hurting the film. The Winter Soldier didn't had over piling dead ninja's body count like G.I. Joe: Retaliation had and that is why the issue is not as problematic. Still when you watch the film you notice how aggressively Marvel trying to hide the issue in every way possible. They managed to minimize Black Widow's injury when she got shot in the shoulder but when Captain America got shot in the stomach the Russo Brothers had no choice and they released the ketchup stain to the world (Let's ignore the fact that Steve Rogers should have been dead after he got shot in the stomach). Both cases looked horrible on screen and few more drops of blood could do so much better for those scenes alone and for the film in general. I elaborated a while ago about the problems movies in general and Comic's movies in particular have today in the following posts: Why Are There So Many BAD MOVIES This DaysWhy Are Marvel Comics Movies So Popular But Lack Quality and Single Reason Why Most Comics Movies are Bad .Unfortunately Captain America The Winter Soldier is no different, it falls exactly in those categories.

Enough with the bad stuff, if we focus on the good stuff Captain America 2 had to offer. We will focus on Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Scarlett Johansson as Natalia Alianovna Romanova add to those two the post credits scene that is something Marvel perfected over the years. Lucky for us the entire film mostly focused on Captain America and The Black Widow so the majority of the damage that was inflicted to the viewers in The Winter Soldier was comming from all the unimportant characters that is why it could be easily ignored but not forgotten.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster
After reading this Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review you would think that Captain America 2 is a horrible film but it isn't. It had a great start a boring middle, a good finish and great post credits scene. Overall Captain America 2 is a good film that is recommended for all ages. let’s just hope that in the future Marvel will tune down the PG-13 kids play and start making movies that are for the mature audience.

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