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For some reason the current TV season looks bad, and I'm not even talking about quality because we almost never had quality on TV at this time of year. The problem in TV today that it seems boring, overhyped and simply difficult to stay still and find a decent couple of shows to pass more than 2 hours in a week.
Let’s go a bit deeper and check out what exactly we got on our watch list in order to diagnose each and every show.

Agents of Shield

Like you all remember I was not a fan of Agents of Shield’s first season. The show got a bit better towards the end but still to this day I struggle to understand how it get renewed for season 2. Season 2 introduced a few new faces and seemed to be improving from being simply bad in season 1 to somehow watchable in season 2. All that changed when I saw episode 5 which introduced the Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki). Palicki brought a presence of something big to the show, similar to what Jaime Alexander brought in one of the episodes in season 1. From now on Agents of Shield look pretty promising out of a sudden (when I say promising I mean the show is OK- watchable, don’t mistake it for being good at least at this point in time).


DC Comics Logo
There was so much hype around Gotham before FOX aired its first episode that you could think that Rome or The Sopranos were coming back for another round. In reality Gotham is not what we were expecting from the show. When you think of Gotham pre-Batman era you think of chaos, and the show really did talk about it. The problem is that they only talked about it, sure they beat up a few punks, showed off a few corrupt cops and talked a bit more. The show seemed to be very limited and soft especially when we wanted to see the brutality not only hear about it. We didn’t get to see that because of the PG limitations. But let’s try to pass on that issue, the PG is not the biggest problem Gotham has to deal with. 

The main problems are the story and the characters. The Gordon character seems to be detached from a different time and place, he has high morals and doesn’t want to work within a broken system and that is a problem because his character doesn’t seem to be real. You look at him and you imagine a cartoon that wouldn’t survive a week in the real Gotham. If we are talking about cartoons, what about Jada Pinkett Smith. We mentioned that Gordon looks unnatural on screen, well Jada’s Fish Mooney character is not from this universe. The premiere episode introduced way too many villains and it seems like they are not going to stop. The penguin character looks like getting a lot of screen time but for us it’s one of the low points of the show. On the other hand Bullock looks good and let’s hope they will let him grow in his own strange way.
A show like Gotham has almost nothing to do with Bruce Wayne we want to see but this FOX version delves way too much on the weird kid, from the 1st five episodes you wouldn't say in a million years that this kid is going to be Batman.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist was never great, but it was watchable due to James Spader’s presence. Season 2 seems to be doing the exact same thing which they did in season 1. It worked for them once and it somehow works for them the second time around. In my Blacklist Season 1 Review I wanted the rest of the cast to improve their acting performance to what James Spader delivered in every episode. Unfortunately that was too much to ask from Megan Boone.


A lot of people say a lot of positive things about the Flash, unfortunately we are not those people. In our opinion Grant Gustin is not a superhero material. One look at a guy and you think to yourself: who is that skinny guy and what is he doing with the Flash suite. But Gustin is not the only to blame; the main story is not appealing enough. Most of the characters and even the villains seem to be lost without a purpose. It's strange watching the creators of Arrow fail to create a decent story in the Flash


The previous two season of the arrow were excellent and CW showed the world how to make a successive comics TV show. The opener of the third season was remarkable, why you ask: Because Arrow manages to surprise its viewers every time. The story, the flashbacks, the characters ... everything looks well planed, logical and most importantly fluently connected. The cliff hangers at the end of every episode were refined to perfection and they are the main reasons why every Arrow fan returns to the show every single week.

The Walking Dead

TWD is AMC's juggernaut because it is the best thing on TV right now. The brutal opener of season 5 was probably the missing episode we didn’t get see in the previous season. The episode which followed was not as eventful one, but delivered a well built up episode 2 finale that managed to shock the audience once again. TWD has no problem killing off characters which were made look important during their run, and that is the magic behind TWD. They build great characters, create great story, wrap it with Zombies and finally shock you by killing off those characters.

Now looking at this post again and we have to say that the situation is not that bad as we initially thought. We got two shows that are worth our time (Arrow and The Walking Dead), one with major potential to improve (Agents of Shield) and the rest are time fillers. The light in the tunnel is that there are two additional shows that supposed to be in this list: The 100 and Constantine but at this time we haven’t seen their premiere episodes so there is nothing to say about them at this time, but to hope for the best.

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  1. Hey! I love the Blacklist. I guess it's an acquired taste. It's incredibly popular in the US.

  2. The Blacklist is not bad but its not something that can be called great either.

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