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I will admit it prior watching horns I didn't really expected watching it so much. I didn't care for Harry potter didn't see none of the movies, don't care much for Daniel Radcliffe and still here we are. I'm watching something I didn't really want to watch, I didn't even know how or where I got this film from anyway. a while back I saw the trailer for Horns in small glimpses so I didn't really figure what was it supposed to be: a fairy tale or a modern day fantasy. Either way what we had here was a mysterious murder of a young woman that made waves in this small town putting all the focus and the blame on the boyfriend (Daniel Radcliffe). 

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The first half of the film was actually entertaining seeing the lead character grow the imaginary horns that were seen only by the people who saw him guilty of the murder supposedly he had committed. Those horns magical affect that made all the individuals that confronted our hero was a nice spice to a film that was surprisingly fun and entertaining until that point. Unfortunately from the middle and until its end the film started to slip. The imaginary horns were not that imaginary anymore and the magic was emphasized even more. The moment Ig took a dive in his burning car everything changed the film stopped being realistic and turned into a Disney fairy tale. You all know that I pretty much hate Disney and this is an excellent example why. (There is a Spoiler here) The element that protected the killer and made him ignore the horns was the dumbest thing this movie had in its plot. Instead of saying that the killer didn’t see the horns because he knew that Ig was innocent they molded the entire thing into a religious mush. If they would of left it alone not using that damn cross this film could turn out so much better.
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It wasn't really hard to figure out the real killer of the story unfortunately the object that protected him made the film look childish and stupid, in addition the reason he did what he did was a complete miss. In the end where it was revealed why the killer did what he did, it was one of the weakest excuses to kill the girl especially when through the entire film he acted completely sane, I guess it was a momentary loss of control. We had to endure the entire film and most importantly suffer through its second half for that anticlimactic ending, I'm sorry but that was not worth it. The end scene where Ig turned into an "Angel" a moment later into a Minotaur (or whatever that was supposed to be) was a complete miss, I just didn’t get it. Was he such a sissy Minotaur that the villain practically mopped the floor with him and the villain himself looked like he was completely lost not knowing what the hell he was doing? And what was the deal with the snakes? There are so many things that passed through me in the 2nd half of the film that you could think I was drunk half of the time but it wasn’t the case. Call me stupid but I still don’t get it why did Ig grew the horns and turned into a Minotaur.
The bottom line is that it is difficult to recommend a film when half of it is decent and the other is detached from reality but whoever enjoys fairy tales a bit of mystery and a lot of Daniel Radcliffe should check Horns out if you are not a fan of Daniel Radcliffe you should pass on this one.

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Alexandre Aja
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Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

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